In honor of our Military, …and our Military Families

Happy Veterans Day today, once again. Even though it  is always officially November 11th, today is the federal holiday.

But two days, or even a week, wouldn’t be enough time to express our appreciation for what these brave men and women do for our nation.

Our veterans exhibit extraordinary strength, courage & sacrifice on a daily basis, and they deserve every last ounce of gratitude that we can offer them, and more.

But something that is occasionally overlooked is the special sacrifice made by the families of our warriors. The spouses and children of military folks live every day with the knowledge their loved ones are volunteering to be in harm’s way…and that they just might not come back.

That is incredible sacrifice, too, and it takes a different kind of strength, of courage, …and of faith.

So today, while you keep our veterans in mind even as you take advantage of the Veteran’s Day sales, or maybe enjoy a day off from work, or even if it’s just business-as-usual for you…remember our Military Families. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, as well, even as they keep our veterans in theirs.

And pray that each and every member of our armed forces, following their valiant service to our nation, returns safely to the people who miss them.



7 responses to “In honor of our Military, …and our Military Families

  1. There are no words adequate to express a Nation’s gratitude to these heroes. But there are adequate words to express disgust over how our armed forces are often used as a political football.

    You make a great point, JTR, in reminding us of the FAMILIES of those who have served and lost their lives, and those families who have loved ones, right now, still serving their Country.

    Let’s also not forget the returning veterans. Their needs go well beyond a job and a house. My Dad served in WWII and in Korea, and I can only wish he had some level of resources available at the time to deal with the mental aspects and PTSD. Mom told us he was NEVER the same after he got home, and the change in him wasn’t for the “better”…..

    God bless them all…..

  2. Nice post. Ditto… God Bless them all.

  3. Sorry I missed this one. Kind of out of commission a bit here. Right on post! I was watching an ad for Wounded Warriors this morning. There are other orgs like that for our veterans. And as a nurse, I know the vets aren’t treated well by their government all of the time in the VA. Government isn’t very good at charity (love and respect). It’s even worse at it when run by cold, egocentric humans.
    It’s good to donate to these orgs run by people who are truly interested in the well being of our soldiers, active and inactive.

    There are more and they’re not hard to find on the net.
    God bless you for posting this.

    • Thanks for being here, tannngl!

      And those groups you listed are wonderful, especially WWP.

      Hope you had a chance to listen to that video, too: a beautiful rendition of an already emotional piece.

      If you look up the lyrics, it’ll make the meaning behind it clear, too.

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