More election analysis: Yep, we’re DIVIDED, but NOT in the way you might think

Two excellent jobs of analysis, coming from two starkly different viewpoints. Both are worthy of serious consideration, though.

The first is from one of our buddies, Cosmoscon, titled ‘A Divided America‘:

“Conventional wisdom tells us that über 1%-er Romney and the Republicans mainly do the bidding of the wealthy and Obama and the Democrats represent the poor. 

Not according to this:

Romney carried the lower wage states and Obama carried the higher wage states and both results weren’t even close!  Remind Leftists of this fact the next time they trot out that meme.

The next analysis was performed like the first but instead of dividing the US-based on median income; they used the state unemployment rates.  One group contains the states with Unemployment rates over 8% (Out of Work America) and the other group contains states with unemployment rates below 8% (Working America).

(CLICK image to enlarge)

(CLICK image to enlarge)

The Out of Work group went overwhelmingly for Obama and the Working group went to Romney, but just barely.

So if you are out of work (which is a direct results of the policies of the Obama, Pelosi and Reid) you decided to give Obama another 4 years.  That makes a lot of sense, right?

This is just another example of how deeply divided the US is based on 4 years of Mr. Hope and Change.

Imagine how polarized we’ll be …in 2016.”

If you don’t subscribe to his blog, I’d suggest you do so (along with others in our ‘Blogroll’). Cosmo always brings the numbers & facts, backed up by ….even more numbers & facts.


The second view on Tuesday’s national-day-of-sadness comes from AlfonZo Rachel over at PJTV. Zo doesn’t dance around the issue: he tells it with his customary brio.


I’ve already stated my thought on this subject, and we’ve got a little time to chew all of this over. But we can’t allow ourselves to withdraw from the battle completely. See “It’s all happened before…” for my reasoning on that subject.

So relax this weekend: take in a movie; play with the kids. Unwind. Recharge. And then?

And then we go back to work.

We’ve got an uphill climb ahead of us, but it is winnable. We just have to be able to discern the forest from the trees, and realistically admit that we are now fighting a cultural war more than a political one.

20 responses to “More election analysis: Yep, we’re DIVIDED, but NOT in the way you might think

  1. Zo NAILS it…..Dems can fight amongst themselves ALL DAY LONG, but when it comes time to vote, they do. The election results clearly show that even in spite of Obama getting LESS votes than in 2008, Romney lost due to dismal Republican/Conservative turnout….

    1. “He’s Mormon”
    2. “He’s a 1%er”
    3. “He _________”

    I’ll teach those wascally wepublicans! I WON’T VOTE!

    • And it doesn’t appear to have been the oft-maligned Evangelicals, either. Looks like it was the folks who have suffered the most financially under President Zero.

      Electoral Stockholm Syndrome claims another victim…

  2. Why is conservatism being blamed for the loss of this election?
    The Republicans ran a moderate candidate at the top of the ticket and a moderate campaign just like they did in 2008.
    Why isn’t it the Republican moderates that should be doing the soul searching?
    Why isn’t it the Republican moderates that should be looking at changing their philosophy?
    The democrats have succeeded in fracturing this country by race,gender, economics, etc, and moderate Republicans fall in the trap of trying to compete individually on these small fractured fields.
    Why not put forward a Conservative message and shift the game to one playing field that unites more people in a common cause?

    • You ask some great questions, my friend. IMHO, the answer rests in the “Republican Establishment” that has FEARED conservatism since the Goldwater debacle. Democrats are UNITED around Liberalism. Republicans are fractured between the RINO’s, moderates, and conservatives, each with their own “principled” stands.

      • We need to cobble together a cease-fire coalition, much as we did in WWII. We don’t need to be ideologically pure, just ideologically effective.

        And we can’t continue to ignore kids and the education system. These children are being produced as little Statists in the same way Toyota turns out cars: consistently, effectively and relentlessly.

        It’s culture, and turning our backs on the culture will doom us.
        We have to address it on that level – none of these kids are watching ‘The Five’, after all.

        Just sayin’…

  3. Zo is right! true conservatism wins. The last time we had a great and big win against the libs was Reagan. Conservative. We squeaked by with the Bushes but lost with the last 2 who weren’t really concrete conservatives.

    And we must always take what the libs say and turn their statements around. They lie. When they say we need to bring the blacks, the Latinos, the homosexuals, the women into the party to be successful, they are saying we should change our values, become more like them, liberal. Cause they know when we are conservative to the core, we win. They don’t WANT us to run a conservative. The majority of people in America are still conservative! Read a poll done after the election on what people think about the issues. The majority believed as we do! Conservative! I’ll try to find it…

    When Herman Cain ran in the primary, someone went after him like white on rice. No pun intended. I mean, they stayed on him continuously, pounding him with possible bimbo eruptions til he squealed uncle. They did NOT want him running! I truly believe that. He was conservative! And the ‘racist’ label would have trouble sticking with him.
    Pay attention to what they say to us about us. Then turn it around.

    • tannngl,
      Agreed on Herman Cain: I liked the guy. Didn’t approve of the whole “bimbo” thing, but it would’ve been nice to be able to decide for ourselves, rather than have the media come in and pressure him out “for” us.

      Yes, a conservative is required. A common sense, no fluff, aggressive conservative. I don’t much care if he’s a Christian, Jewish, Mormon, agnostic or anything else, honestly. Just don’t continue with policies that ATTACK or PUNISH me for my faith, and I’ll call it even.

      We need someone who is articulate like Rubio, and a fighter like Gingrich. Actually, Rubio just might fit the bill in 4 years: smart, charismatic, Hispanic, and highly, highly conservative.

      Keep the faith out there…

  4. Thanks so much JTR for publicizing my post and your kind words!

    • My pleasure, partner. I would’ve just re-blogged it, but I wanted to juxtapose it w/ Zo…and you can’t do stuff like that with a re-blog.

      Nice job over there; keep up the good work!

      (***Hey, how did the rest of your round go, following your par on the 1st hole?)

  5. Zo is extremely perceptive! And I believe he’s dead right, too.

  6. JTR – golf started strong, fell apart in the middle and finished strong. All in all, it’s November and I played a round of golf in my short sleeves so it’s hard to mess up a day like that!

  7. Ok, so now I read that companies that are beginning layoffs because of obamacare are just mad at the election results and are taking it out on their employees…

  8. After all the analysis(and yours is excellent), after all the finger pointing, it comes down to one simple fact. The exit polls showed that 53% of the electorate still blamed Bush for the economy. They simply did not want to fire Obama. They hung onto any reason to give him more time. The election was lost when Clinton said “no President could fix this economy in four years” This electorate is an Obama electorate based on what they feel they know not the actual facts, but the next four years will give them an education. I just wish we didn;t have to go to school with them

    • Hey, Bret!
      My sincere apologies for missing your reply, partner, and thanks for stopping by to comment.

      I concur with your last statement: I’d love to be able to avoid having to endure the same pain that the other 51% just voted for us.
      Don’t know if I agree that Clinton’s speech was the flash-point, but it certainly didn’t help matters. And it’s certainly true that, inexplicably, some folks still blame Bush for the economy four YEARS later.

      Wow: I’d love to find another job where I can totally stink up the joint for four consecutive years, yet still blame it on the LAST guy.

      Obviously, this could only happen with a Democrat in the WH.

      Thanks for the kind words, sir, and hope to see you again soon!

      • Bret & JTR: I was watching “Morning Joe” this AM, and the topic was the upcoming “fiscal cliff”….tax rates, budget increases, etc…..They put up a poll that showed that if we “go over the cliff”, 50+% will blame it on the Republicans in Congress, while less than 30% will hold Obama accountable. I had to back it up and watch it a couple of times as I just couldn’t believe (and really don’t) those percentages were accurate…..

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