“God’s Will Be Done” doesn’t mean WE should do NOTHING

It’s no secret I’m Catholic, & stridently Conservative to the core. My wife is closer to my sister, though: Conservative in nature, and Christian, but not overtly political. Being married to me has done nothing to change that.

She reminded me a couple nights back that God is in charge and that His will has been done these past four years with the election of President Obama. This doesn’t mean she’s pleased by it, but rather that she finds comfort in the knowledge that God acts in ways incomprehensible to us. These past four years have somehow served God’s purpose in a way only He understands.

That does not, however, mean she will be sitting on the sidelines come Tuesday. She will be voting with basically two thoughts in mind:

  1. The choice is ONLY between the 2 candidates who have any hope of winning (read as: NOT for a 3rd party), &
  2. She’ll be voting for the person she feels espouses a Biblically-based worldview, especially as it pertains to LIFE, and FREEDOM of RELIGION.

My wife studies her Bible far more than I ever have, possibly because she was saved/baptized as an adult, and I continue to learn from her. That she has reached this conclusion through constant prayer and reflection comforts me far more than if she was just parroting my views (…ha-ha-ha….like THAT would ever happen…).

She is trusting that God is in charge, and that He is sending us what we need. By trusting in God, she’s trusting that her effort & the ultimate result will glorify Him.

Those two thoughts seem a very reasonable approach to me: trust, but keep working. Reminds me of an old joke:

Remember the one about the guy who, as his town flooded, refused a ride in a rescue Jeep, a boat and even a helicopter, saying he was “trusting that God would save him”?

After the man drowned, he went to Heaven and asked, “Lord, why didn’t you save me?”, to which God replied, “Are you kidding? I sent you a Jeep, a boat, a helicopter…!”

Just something to keep in mind.


We have a responsibility to trust in God implicitly, but we also have a responsibility to act as we believe He wishes us to act.

6 responses to ““God’s Will Be Done” doesn’t mean WE should do NOTHING

  1. To quote St. Augustine: “Pray as though everything depended on God; work as though everything depended on you.”

  2. WE are the vehicles of the Lord’s will, and I believe it’s incumbent on each and every person of faith to vote, just as you describe Mrs. JTR’s motivations and process of choice.

  3. Reminds me of the joke about John…who prayed fervently every week for God to let him win the lottery. After many weeks of futile prayer, John asked God why he wouldn’t grant his prayer. God whispered in his ear…John, first you have to buy a lottery ticket.

  4. Oh yeah…isn’t there a Bible verse that says…God helps those who help themselves?

  5. Thanks, bro! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Our pastor this morning urged us to vote for the candidates who most espouse righteous causes and political views. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

  6. Many sit back and pray. It’s not enough. Listen to what the Lord is telling you, read it in the Bible. He tells us to obey! We are to be light and salt to the world. We are to use Jesus us our role model. Now didn’t Jesus involve himself in the politics of the day? Yes!

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