Revenge, or Love of Country??


From DrewM. over at Ace Of Spades HQ:

“Liberals accuse conservatives and Republicans of hating Obama because he’s black. It’s a silly and baseless charge. The reality is a lot of us hate him for things like this. Voting as revenge?

Who talks like that?

This is why so many think of Obama as “the other”, as someone who doesn’t reflect the basic traditions and assumptions of this country.

If you have a facebook account, consider posting this. Blogs and other forms of social media tend to involve preaching to the choir. facebook is an outlet where people tend to mix beyond partisan groups.

People need to see this contrast before they vote.”

Perfectly said.


Please forward, Tweet, or post if you can. We have three more days, folks, and we have a country to save.

4 responses to “Revenge, or Love of Country??

  1. Somehow everyone has come to expect the nastiness and violence from the prog candidate and ‘good’ behavior from the conservative.

    • The miracle of lowered expectations.

      The Left doesn’t see anything wrong with vitriol from their side, since they don’t consider verbiage like this offensive, so long as it’s directed at “subhumans” such as Tea Partiers, Republicans, or Christians.

      Meanwhile, statements from Christians & Conservatives are deliberately misconstrued to mean things directly opposite of their intended meanings (racist “dog whistles”, etc.,..)

      A profound difference, indeed.

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