Benghazi: WHAT did the President know, and WHEN did he know it?

It’s been a loooo-ooong week: Unemployment looking as dire as ever, …..and the general silliness to which the Obama campaign has reduced itself.

So let me distill it for you: the most important thing to remember out of the week is, …THIS:

(video courtesy of HotAir & Stix Blog Backup)

22 responses to “Benghazi: WHAT did the President know, and WHEN did he know it?

  1. Read this morning that Hillary may have indeed put out a call for security before the Benghazi attack according to cables. The WH may have dropped the ball…

    • Thanks, tannngl! Just put it on Twitter.

      We’re seeing this Administration being hoisted by its own petard.
      The fact that it cost the lives of 4 Americans makes that much more despicable.

  2. They will probably find the Benghazi “fall guy” imitating Vince Foster in Fort Marcy Park. “It was the dead guy” will be the standard answer at any congressional hearing. Then its Executive Privilege for everybody else!

  3. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see the next, and last, presidential debate on foreign policy on Monday. Interesting, because who knows what sort of stories they will concoct for that performance, and to what extent the moderators will get involved. Will they keep digging themselves deeper? I bet they will.

    • A sucker bet, James. No WAY am I going to touch that one: I’d lose my shirt (…and I’m rather fond of the one I’m wearing…).

      They can’t help themselves. Crowley couldn’t; that’s why she blurted out that silliness the other night. It’s what she thinks, …and out it came.

      As soon as she said that, she immediately tried to even the score by fumblingly allowing that Mitt was kinda right, too, …
      It sounded as puerile as my kids did when they lied back in Kindergarten.

      That she refused to actually admit she goofed (and WHAT a goof) says all that’s needed about Crowley, and the press in general.

      The MSM is in full meltdown mode right now; they can FEEL it slipping away, and they can’t put on the brakes.

      ….it almost brings a tear to my eye….

  4. livinrightinpgh

    SO MUCH depends on WHICH version of their story you believe. It’s amazing that you can have SO MANY people saying opposite things at the same time.

    They KNEW it was an act of terror (9/11….H – E – L – L – O…..) before 24 hours had passed. The rest is nothing more than a cover up to guard their declared position of “Al Queda is on the run/dead”. But, as Mr. Zero said to Jon Stewart: The death of 4 Americans is never optimal…..

    As one poster I just saw read: Re-electing Obama would be like backing up the Titanic and hitting the iceberg again.

    • “But, but, but….he DID say the word “Terror”, Pgh! Admit it! Admit it!”
      Geez… you’d think they were 12 years old listening to these folks.

      When you have nothing else, just yell louder, I guess.

      Hey, it seems to work for Chris Matthews….

  5. livinrightinpgh

    You got me, JTR! It did SOUND like he said “Terror”. Or, maybe he said he won’t tolerate acts of “Terriers”. Those little buggers can be vicious, too, ya know…

    If words were money, Obama’s mouth could solve the debt crisis. MOST folks would like to see ACTIONS that MATCH the rhetoric. This guy is a walking contradiction.

  6. Reagan said that “The governments duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” The four patriots who died in Benghazi would say Obama seriously failed on the first part, and the rest of us would say he failed on the second part.

  7. Documents just released by the Administration show that Ambassador Stevens had sent a NUMBER of cables and communications regarding the need for more security, in light of the April and June attacks in Libya. Unconfirmed, but ONE was apparently signed just hours before his death.

    Bret Baier is hosting a special on Benghazi this evening at 10 on Fox….Cavuto’s interview with Baier about 15 minutes ago leads me to believe that some very damning facts will be revealed…..

  8. Good grief, how much MORE damning could they be?
    It’s like having fingerprints, 100 witnesses, AND the gun before going to trial.

    C’mon, people, what else do you want…?

  9. Personally? I want EVERY nail in place on the coffin of lies that have led us to this point. If there’s more to be revealed, then I want it out there, in the public discourse, and in time for Monday night….but hey, that’s just me.

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  12. Great, concise video evidence of an empty suit in action avoiding action. 🙂

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