(VIDEO) Obama fails to answer Question on if Hillary is to Blame for Benghazi

Let’s hear it for President Barack “The-buck-stops-somewhere-else” Obama, everybody!!


Obviously, Obama didn’t hear the question. If he had, I’m sure President Transparency would have spun around and given a complete & thoughtful answer.

‘Cause he’s courageous like that.

I’m just guessin’ here, but I’d think that this just MAY pop up in tonight’s debate. Call me crazy…

(**Thanks to AceOfSpadesHQ and Daily Caller for the video).

5 responses to “(VIDEO) Obama fails to answer Question on if Hillary is to Blame for Benghazi

  1. You know, when Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here!” he meant it stopped with him, i.e., the President. Apparently that’s not the way this president deals with things in his administration. Well, I suppose we should thank Mrs. Clinton for wearing the pants. Thanks, Hillary. Someone had to do it. Bad timing, though…

    • Bad timing is RIGHT, James!

      I actually had this conversation on Twitter over the weekend: In a battle of pure political ruthlessness between Obama & Hillary, I’ll throw my mortgage payment on Hillary.
      Heck, make that 2 payments….

  2. livinrightinpgh

    I think we ALL know that, as far as Obama is concerned, the buck stops……..

    with BUSH!

    • That’s axiomatic at this point, Pgh.

      Bonus points WILL be awarded, however, if you can actually find a “7-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon” type connection to something GWB actually did or said, that would magically alleviate Obama from all blame.

      Do THAT, and they’ll have a job for you in Barack’s campaign, or on the Network News.

  3. “I am MSM the great and powerful!”

    “Pay no attention to those two men hiding behind Hillary’s skirt!”

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