Vice-Presidential Debate Preview: JOE BIDEN

Joe makes his entrance:

Again, …’nuff said. 


(***Credit for this image and Paul Ryan’s in previous post from ThePeople’sCube blog)

4 responses to “Vice-Presidential Debate Preview: JOE BIDEN

  1. GREAT! Now we’re going to be spending BILLIONS on “Wind-up Car” technology……..

    • Can’t be much worse than the Chevy Volt:
      they should each travel roughly the same distance on a single ‘charge’.

      PLUS, we could lower unemployment by hiring folks to keep jumping out of these Biden-mobiles & wind them up again.

      Win-Win, baby!

  2. Upon taking a second gander at the photo, is it just me, or does Biden look like a cross between Twisted Sister’s Dee Snyder and the Wizard of Oz’s Scarecrow?

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