FINALLY: Media begins asking real questions of Carney and the Obama Administration

Been a rather busy news day, and I only have a few minutes here.

No time for a write-up; I’ll just link the videos. You’ll have to trust me: you WANT to watch both of these.

And by the way, as much as I think that Carney is a sniveling little ratfink, I honestly don’t envy his job right now. The phrase “defending the indefensible” comes to mind.

(***Thanks to Lachlan Markay , HotAir and AceOfSpadesHQ for the vids).


8 responses to “FINALLY: Media begins asking real questions of Carney and the Obama Administration

  1. and you need to have the CURRENT DNC playbook to follow the twist, turns and avoidance of fact.

    • This group looks like a bunch of double-jointed acrobats playing “Twister”.

      Can we just ask them all to leave now? I’m sure Apple has some software that would work just as well…..
      Heck, probably much BETTER, now that I think about it.

  2. I am SO looking forward to the foreign policy debate between Romney and Obama. The Pres might as well just concede the win on that one before it happens.

    • Totally agree, James.
      Sheriff Joe is bouncing off of his padded walls right now like a perpetual-motion Super Ball.

    • Whoops. I typed too fast: I had Biden on my mind!

      But yes, Obama should be worried. I don’t think he IS, though. Heck, he thought he WON that last debate.
      I’ll wager he’s thinking the last time was a fluke (no, not Sandra…), and that he’ll wipe the floor with Mitt this time around.

      I’m actually fairly confident that’s the case.

      “HUBRIS: bringing down narcissists since the beginning of time”.

      • I’ll wager you’re right on that and in the VP debate I’m predicting that Bided tries to make a funny with Big Bird; then watch what Ryan does with that.

        • Oh, I do so pray that Biden lets loose with a Big Bird crack.

          That entire meme continues to be a net loser for them.
          It is such an insignificant part of our economy to defend, but it’s very indicative of Romney’s (and Ryan’s) approach: we’re broke, and Big Bird qualifies as an indulgence we can no longer afford.

          If Biden goes there, watch for Ryan to slap it into the cheap seats.

          Hmmm…I may have to record this debate, just so I can enjoy it again later.

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