Today’s Media: “Benghazi? Never heard of it…”

Last week was quite a week.

We had:

And finally,

Hey, that Clint Eastwood guy is looking smarter every day.

One story was missing, however. Our valiant and brave National Press has managed, for yet another week, to avoid the biggest story of the year: Libya. Benghazi. An admitted (finally) terrorist attack which resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans, including our Ambassador.

I’m sure they’ll get around to it, eventually.

There have been any number of treatments of this abdication of duty on the part of our self-appointed media ‘truth seekers’. Here are a couple of the better ones.

First up, Charles Krauthammer:

The mystery here is why would you go out and have our ambassador to the U.N. on five channels create a fairy-tale about all of this being an outgrowth of demonstration over a video? The answer is you want to cover up — the answer is you want to cover up the security lapses, intelligence lapses, ignoring of the threat.

And the fact that one way to put it, if you want to use the phrase of Joe Biden, “Bin Laden: dead, …al-Qaeda: alive.”

And also from longtime Democratic pollster Pat Caddell:

Any other president who flew to Las Vegas for a fundraiser hours after the killing of the U.S. ambassador in Libya would have been “crucified,” he said.

But Obama wasn’t.

“It should have been the equivalent, for Barack Obama, of George Bush’s ‘flying over Katrina’ moment,” Caddell said. “But nothing was said at all and nothing will be said.”

An obvious question arises, or at least should. Was there a cover-up? If we had a Republican president—or even a Democratic president not named Obama—the press would be pursuing that possibility with great intensity. And the national news would be focused on efforts of the president and his aides to deflect blame for the eruption of assaults on American embassies in Libya and across the Middle East.

But in Obama’s case, this hasn’t happened.

Just as important as our faltering economy, Federal hyper-regulation, and the devaluing of our currency, THIS is the issue of the day. THIS is the reason that, among all others, this 44-month-long April Fool’s joke of a presidency has to end. If we cannot project enough strength to protect ourselves around the globe, and if our leaders are then craven enough to cover-up, lie, and then lie some more about such failure, we might as well raise the white flag right now and all start learning to speak Farsi.

I seem to vaguely recall the media once pursued such things.

There’s a new ad from Heritage Foundation which encapsulates this, and it needs more eyes. I’d appreciate it if it gets spread to more than just our faithful on this blog.

Take 3 minutes to watch and then just one more minute to pass it to your friends. We are not loved around the world. We’re not respected. We’re not feared in the slightest. Right now, we’re nothing more than a big kid with a $16 trillion-dollar ‘Kick Me’ sign on our back.

If this isn’t addressed by the next administration (and soon), we’re going to get a lot more than just ‘kicked’.


UPDATE: Ed Morrissey over at is talking about this today, as well. Go give it a look.

9 responses to “Today’s Media: “Benghazi? Never heard of it…”

  1. Another good one! Shared on my FB.

    • Thanks, partner!
      In all humility, this is one that must be seen by as many folks as possible.

      Obama’s stumbling economy will kill us all, slowly.
      The terrorists who took us out in Benghazi work at a slightly brisker pace.

  2. Like everything else with President Empty Chair, it’s ALWAYS a matter of politics over principle. Keep in mind that it was THIS administration that wouldn’t agree to use the term “terrorist”, and called the Fort Hood incident a matter of “workplace violence”.
    So, how in the world would we expect them to now call out a CLEAR act of terrorism – planned, coordinated, and executed – all with advance warnings received by the State Department, and pleas for added security going ignored??

    BTW: JTR mentions the recent unemployment numbers…..will SOMEONE please explain to me how we can LOSE over 380,000 jobs in a previous month, and the number continues to go “down”?

    Journalist Malpractice should be a criminal offense. HEY! Attorneys! You’re always looking for the next big tort issue. Well here it is.

    • I’m not holding my breath for THAT one, Pgh. But if their wonder boy falls on his face enough times, I think even the media would be smart enough to jump off of a dying horse, if only to save themselves.

      As for last month’s weird Unemployment results:
      make sure you click on the link in that sentence above. It takes you to Morning Joe from last week, AFTER the numbers came out.

      When THAT crew is looking at the results and going “huh?”, you know there’s a problem.

  3. Romney/Ryan 2012: Hope for change.

  4. livinrightinpgh

    They’re already planning to use Biden’s stunt double….Walter the Puppet.

    Actually, Walter would probably do better…..

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