The 2nd Beat-Down of the week: John Sununu makes Andrea Mitchell appear even dimmer than usual

A second post today for 2 reasons:

  1. This interview (below) shows the best way to deal with liberal Media suits: facts logic. All the press has to fight back with are the DNC/MediaMatters talking points du jour, which crumble to dust in the light of logic and those pesky darned facts.
  2. Also, since this appeared on MSNBC, that means that virtually no one actually saw this. And, if they did, they probably only witnessed the first minute of it, which has gotten a bit of replay around the web. The entire interview is a ‘must watch’.

I have new respect for Sununu every time I see him. As with his VP pick of Ryan, having this guy as one of your surrogates was a great administrative call by Romney.



8 responses to “The 2nd Beat-Down of the week: John Sununu makes Andrea Mitchell appear even dimmer than usual

  1. livinrightinpgh

    I had the pleasure of seeing this live when I went home for lunch yesterday. (Sorry, but lacking any other comedy on TV, I tend to tune in to MSNBC. What a riot those folks are!)

    Personally, I didn’t think it was possible for ANY human being to contort their face to the degree that Andrea does during the interview. The only thing missing was her pulling her lower lip up over the top of her head.

    CLASSIC Sununu! He’s going to get HUGE mileage out of that “Lazy” remark as it was played all OVER the MSM last night and this morning.

    • Hey, Pgh,
      I believe I owe you the thanks for giving me the “heads up” on this one, as I recall.
      It is CLASSIC. As she listens to Sununu, Mitchell looks as if she were just forced to swallow some very unpleasant medicine.

      Hey!! …that might be more accurate than I originally thought!

      • livinrightinpgh

        Thanks, but knowing you, brother, you’d have eventually seen it, too! It’s just too darn good not to witness that exchange. Sometimes, it just works out in my favor since I can practically WALK home for lunch!

  2. So true… So true. Andrea Mitchell begins to hyperventilate in the face of facts and logic.

    “Since this appeared on MSNBC, that means that virtually no one actually saw this.” Very, very true.

  3. This was a classic taking someone to the woodshed moment. Andrea Mitchell is number than a pounded thumb.

  4. Andrea Mitchell is proof that the only quality a modern day journalist needs is a willingness to totally disregard truth and reality. Like her, modern journalists are not required to have a minimal skill set at writing believable fantasy – any fantasy will do so long as it favors the narrative du jour served by the Democrat party [or in Fox New’s case, the right wing segment of the Republican establishment, i.e. Gretchen Carlson/Steve Dufus Doocy].

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