After the Debate, another Obama Myth dies

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The Death of the Poor Salesman Myth

–by @tobincommentary

Earlier, I wondered whether Democrats would fall into a trap of their own making by goading President Obama into engaging in personal attacks on Mitt Romney in the next presidential debate. But it appears that some on the left prefer to return to one of their old standbys to explain the president’s flop in the debate: he’s a bad salesman for brilliant policies.

That’s the tack taken by New York Times editorialist David Firestone today in a piece in which he argues that the president’s inability to defend his record on the stage in Denver is no different from what the writer considers the failures of Democrats to speak up for ObamaCare, the stimulus and even the sequester of funds that will results in huge defense cuts.

Firestone is right about one thing. The president does consider the act of explaining liberal projects to the public tiresome and somehow “beneath him.” But the Times writer fails to observe that liberals have actually been defending these ideas for all four years of the Obama administration. Their failure to gain support for them from the public isn’t the fault of Obama’s poor salesmanship, but due to the fact that most Americans, including those who distrust the Republicans, are wary of a huge expansion of government power, unchecked federal spending and gutting national defense.

That is why the only successes Democrats have had in putting across their ideas haven’t stemmed from championing these unpopular policies but from sliming their opponents. When they abandon such tactics, as Obama did last night, they are left with very little that the voters find compelling.

Firestone also disputes the idea that the debate was substantive since personal attacks were left out in favor of detailed discussions about taxes, budgets and health care. Taking up the Democrat talking point of the day, he claims Romney lied and that Obama should have “ridiculed him with facts.” But Romney wasn’t lying. Disagreeing with liberal ideology isn’t a lie; it’s a disagreement, a concept that liberal ideologues seem to have trouble grasping.

If, as Firestone says, “uninformed viewers” [were left] with the impression that Mr. Romney was crisper and had more “facts” at his fingertips,” it was because that was the case. Mr. Obama was a poor salesman for himself and his ideas last night. But his problem is that his ideas are no more attractive than the irritated and arrogant air that the president exhibited during the debate.

How long will it take the left in this country to understand that merely asserting that they are right and that Republicans are fools and knaves is not an argument?

Perhaps never.

At least conservatives should hope so, because if Obama listens to the advice of people like Firestone, he’s setting himself up for another beating at the next debate.


(About Jonathan S. Tobin: Senior Online Editor of Commentary magazine with responsibility for managing the editorial content of the website as well as serving as chief politics blogger. From January 2009 to April 2011, he was executive editor of the magazine. Prior to coming to Commentary, Tobin was editor in chief of theJewish Exponent in Philadelphia and the Connecticut Jewish Ledger. He is a syndicated columnist for the JointMedia News Service (JNS) and his writing has appeared in the New York Post, the Jerusalem Post, the Weekly Standard, the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, USA Todayand many other publications. Over the course of his career, he has won more than 50 journalism awards for commentary, editorial writing, and arts criticism. He has been named the top columnist and editorial writer for Jewish newspapers in North America several times, as well as the top weekly columnist and editorial writer in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. In 2006, he received the unique distinction of being named both the best editorial columnist and the best arts critic in Philadelphia by the Society of Professional Journalists. He has lectured on campuses and to organizations around the country and has appeared on CNN, FOX News Channel, the FOX Business Channel, the BBC, PBS, Pacifica and numerous other media outlets.) 

2 responses to “After the Debate, another Obama Myth dies

  1. livinrightinpgh

    The “Little Party that cried ‘wolf'” is finding their alarmist – socially/racially divisive rhetoric – all Conservatives are for the rich and will push granny off of the cliff – is falling more and more on deaf ears. Particularly, the polls are bearing this out among the Independents (who I believe are merely Conservatives disgruntled with the Establishment Republicans).

    Keep it up, Libs! The inane, repetitive rantings of the MSNBC crowd, Maher, and the rest, is moving more and more “in the middle” folks in Romney/Ryan’s direction.

    It must really sting to know that the guy you put all of your hopes and dreams behind, covered up his TRUE persona, viciously attacked his opponents and critics, etc., is NOTHING more than an empty suit. The most unqualified man to EVER occupy the Oval Office.

    PS: MSM: Your credibility just called. It misses you, but feels like there are irreconcilable differences that will keep you apart.

  2. The MSM became estranged from their credibility 4 years ago in the LAST election, and I don’t see them getting back together any time soon.

    These divorces (from reality) are always so sad to watch…

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