Debate #1: Romney dominates; Obama self-destructs


Wednesday night was this election cycle’s first debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, and I’m struggling for ways to place it into historical context for comparison:

  • The Alamo? Now considered pretty much a draw.
  • Super Bowl XXIV, when the 49ers destroyed the Broncos 55-10? A nail-biting, back-and-forth affair.
  • Secretariat winning the 1973 Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths? Closer than it looked.

This was a massacre so complete, the CNN & MSNBC crews were both in full freak-out mode immediately as it ended. What else can you call it when you have James Carville saying, “Mitt Romney came in with a Chainsaw?”,  and Chris Matthews is spitting the words, “What was Romney doing? He was winning”. 

They saw what I saw: Romney was warm (yes, warm), highly prepared, and had an almost unnatural grasp of the facts and data. He was respectful of the President without being obsequious.  Romney didn’t miss a step the entire night, and you could tell he was enjoying himself out there.

Conversely, Obama looked like the guy who can’t decide what to order on the menu.

For 90 minutes.

I admit: it was awfully entertaining.


On Twitter, the best lines were coming from the pros, and no one was enjoying himself more than Dennis Miller:

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include these two instant classics:


Now, if you somehow missed the excitement last night (and if you did, seriously: what were you thinking?!?), here’s the debate, in its entirety: 


And, last but not least, there’s this:

In CNN’s flash-poll last night, there was one stat that trumps all the rest (and the rest are pretty good, too): among the Independent voters polled, Romney juuuuust nudged past Obama by a 75-17 margin.

7517. In favor of Romney.

Ooooof….  That’ll leave a mark.


This is all about momentum; nothing’s been decided yet. But, in a race that is statistically tied, a complete drubbing plays into the psychology of both the candidates and the voters. No question: there were some fence-sitters who are now firmly on the Romney/Ryan side after last night.

More will follow.

28 responses to “Debate #1: Romney dominates; Obama self-destructs

  1. Shared on my FB. Really good post JTR!

    • Thanks, Patriot! And I appreciate the re-blog, as well!
      It was as enjoyable a post to write as I’ve had in awhile.

      The game isn’t over by a long shot….but that was one serious blow to Obama’s gut.

      • livinrightinpgh

        If we use the analogy of the Holyfield/Tyson fight, it got to the point where all I felt Obama had left was to bite off a piece of Romney’s ear…….

  2. livinrightinpgh

    I sent JTR a text last night about 4 minutes into the “debate”, that read: “Obama looks awkward”. Amazingly, it went DOWNHILL from there. I couldn’t even find the words to describe what I was seeing and hearing.

    My fav tweet was from the affable Bill Maher:
    Bill Maher‏@billmaher ” i can’t believe i’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter.”

    My, oh my, whatever happened to “the smartest man in any room he walks into”?

    Round 1: Romney

    On to the veeps and the next Romney v Obama.

  3. B O did seem a little pouty, but when you’re intellectually and ethically unprepared, these things happen.
    This is what predictably happens when conservatism shows up to devour any opponent, but especially radically liberalism..

    • Like sugar cubes in the rain, RP. You just watch them melt away…

      By the way, nice post over at your place on Matthews’ screed. I linked to it above, but just wanted to give you a quick ‘shout-out’ again….

      • BO was back on the same lies the next day – as I was wondering why he didn’t say those things to Romney’s face.
        and thank you.

        • livinrightinpgh

          I think the answer to that question, RP, rests in the fact that socialism and its inherent lies, ONLY exist in the vacuum of the Left’s audience where they aren’t challenged or debunked. Outside of that “vacuum”, they are naked to the sunshine of truth, and like a vampire exposed to the light, they disintegrate.

        • These guys only know one tune, RP.
          Class warfare, division, and fear.

          He’s just gotta go!

  4. That was just a stone cold ass whuppin’. Obama knew he was losing before the first segment was over.

    • After the 1st half-hour, I kept waiting for Axelrod to pull his starter, but no, he kept him in.

      Obama may have lost a significant portion of the locker room after that fiasco.

  5. I liked Romney’s closing remarks
    “Thank you Jim and Mr. President, thank you for tuning in this evening.”
    Yes, Mr. President, thanks for tuning in to the Romney kicks ass show.

  6. Nobody had ever gone after Obama like Romney did last night and clearly Obama wasn’t happy about it. Obama looked like a deer in headlights, using the same talking points over and over again. I somewhat expected Romney to go on the offensive last night but never expected Obama to be so meek.

  7. This just in!!! Algore says that Obama’s “poor” performance was due to the Denver altitude! See, Romney had been practicing debating there already and was used to it. Obama only got there in the mid afternoon of the debate, and the altitude got him.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! What an eskimo pie head!

    • PGH,
      I saw that…and was sure it was a “The Onion” satire piece. Then, of course, I found out that Gore really HAD said it…and (even better) that the panel he was on agreed that it was a real possibility!!

      I guess the old saying is accurate: “any port in a storm”.

      Because if anyone thinks ALTITUDE is a feasible explanation for Obama getting hit like a tether ball Wednesday night, they truly WILL believe anything!!!

  8. Obama looked shocked that Romney challenged him instead of genuflecting like the media usually do.

    • Good call, Infidel!

      As any parent here can tell you, when you constantly give your kid absolutely everything they want, and tell him/her that whatever they do is the work of genius (even if it’s crap), you end up with a kid who has an unrealistic view of their own talent.

      All those kids on American Idol who can’t sing a note, yet insist that they can? Bet ya they’ve been told how beautiful their croaking is, for years.

      Same with Obama: the media has told him for YEARS he’s brilliant. He’s not used to being challenged, by anyone.
      Kinda funny to watch, quite honestly.

      Glad to have you here, Infidel! Hope you stop back soon….

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