Hey, “Bush-Lied-People-Died” crowd! Where are you guys NOW?

My, how times change.


The White House has now acknowledged that the events on 9/11/2012 in Benghazi were, indeed, a terrorist attack. This comes on the heels of their insistence that, for two weeks, the attacks were inspired by a “YouTube video”. You will hear only a very few of the reporters (for now) report on the obvious and flagrant lie: the White House immediately suspected terrorism, and it now is certain that they confirmed this as a terrorist act within 24 hours.

Now, do me a lil’ favor, if you please: think back to the Bush years, when the mantra of “Bush Lied, People Died” became as ubiquitous as hearing “Bless you” after a sneeze. This narrative was constant: G. W. Bush had intricately planned and rationalized the Iraq War, misleading our nation & the world into a war-for-oil, and not to prevent Saddam Hussein from using his non-existent WMD’s.

Remember all that? I sure do.

Consider, then, that prelude to the War in Iraq took from September 12th, 2001 to March 19th, 2003. Over a year, with mountains of evidence. And somehow he fooled everyone? For over a year? This man, who throughout his presidency was repeatedly portrayed as being slightly dumber than a bag of hammers, was able to construct history’s most complex prevarication, without the truth leaking out? Code Pink and the Media would then have us believe Bush was, incongruously, the world’s first-ever ‘stupid evil genius‘.

Only Liberal logic could make that claim with a straight face.

And yet, the mantra persisted, and is still accepted as fact today by many in the self-professed ‘Smart Party’.

In contrast, this month is what it looks like when a president actually lies, even if that president is protected by the Media as if he were Charlemagne 2.0.

Because now, when his own Press Secretary says that it is “self-evident” (two weeks later, of course) that this attack was not from a whacked-out Muslim mob spontaneously reacting to an unknown YouTube clip but an actual act of terror, we have the Obama Administration flailing around, jumping from story to story, as each previous lie unravels.

And yes, the word is lie. 

Not a shading of the truth. Not spin. Not a fib. Not a dodge.

A big, fat, ugly, narcissistic, contemptible lie.

And a lie which cost, and will continue to cost, American lives. Coming on the heels of Fast and Furious, this is beyond unconscionable.

It will be all I can do to contain my emotions as I watch our current elected Commander-in-Chief waltz around the countryside, promising Utopian solutions to problems he has created. We keep precious little alcohol in our house at any one time, and I may need to stock up in order to cope.

But after watching the self-serving and pusillanimous way he has allowed these atrocities to occur and then tried to obscure the facts afterward, I can only hope you’ll join me in trying to alert everyone to his treachery prior to election day.

***Shorter version of that last sentence: “help us kick him to the curb”.

11 responses to “Hey, “Bush-Lied-People-Died” crowd! Where are you guys NOW?

  1. You are right. The lie is OBVIOUS and it is being ignored, the same way Fast and Furious was ignored until Holder was actually found in contempt. Then “hew” organizations like NBC had to try to explain 18 months 1 2 minutes. Of, course they did, it was STILL just “those dirty Repiblicans.”

    • It can never be Obama: it’s always someone else. And the news propagandists just keep pushing the newest storyline.

      The caterwauling we’d hear if this was Bush would be deafening.
      Makes my scalp itch just thinking about it.

  2. It’s a known fact that you’ll drive yourself completely insane trying to apply logic to Liberals. Just as men are from Mars, and women from Venus, MOST Libs are from the world of emotion, while MOST conservatives are from the world of logic. It just is what it is.

    But to your point, JTR, about the Great Prevaricator in Chief: in order to be a great liar, you MUST have a great memory, and this guy can’t remember what he said 5 minutes ago from the SAME speech.

    BUT, and this is a HUGE “but”, Liberals AND the MSM NEED to be lied to. It’s the only way their psychotropic world exists.

    Just take a look at then-candidate Obama vs the Obama campaigning today. Bush was “irresponsible and unpatriotic” for a national debt of $9 trillion. Well, if THAT’S the case, what is Obama when the debt is over $16 trillion? Simple: He’s innocent and it’s all Bush’s fault.

    Dems now believe that enough of the country is dependent enough and dumb enough to not see or care about the inevitable outcome of this man’s agenda.

    God help us all.

    PS: Our congregation kicked off our 40 days of prayer leading up to the election. There’s a great little book called “If My People”, by Jack Countryman. Pick up a copy, or don’t. But I hope you’ll continue to join us in prayer for our Nation and its leaders. II Chronicles 7:14.

  3. What’s equally infuriating is the media’s minimal coverage. The ABC news clip you posted is the most extensive coverage from any of the big three networks. I know network bias is nothing new but it seems to have reached levels as yet unseen. I’ll stop before I rant. Excellent post!

    • Many thanks, Bret! FNC just released a 10 minute timeline on this entire event, ending with the FBI still not getting to Benghazi , even though CNN has already been there.

      This is criminal, both figuratively and literally.


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  9. I’ve been asking myself this question for years now.
    Where are the Bush Lied People Died crowd??
    they aren’t dead or extinct.
    They’re just waiting for another Republican to get elected and they will be back.
    Next time you see or hear them, spit on them.

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