Romney: “I want to get us back to being AMERICA”

A quick follow-up from our earlier post today.

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The debates are next week, as Erika Johnsen at HotAir points out, and the stunningly stark differences between the two candidates should be even more visible.

Just for a quick review, here’s a (very) partial recap of Obama’s record:

I don’t care if you voted for Obama last time. Don’t much care if you were a Ron Paul supporter, or still currently favor Gary Johnson. It doesn’t concern me in the slightest if you are “uninspired” by politics today. Those are indulgences which a country in decline can no longer afford.

If President Xerxes is allowed a second term, we’re toast. Doomed. Consummatum est.

So: Step up. Help out. Call. Write. Contribute to a campaign. Put up a sign. Do something.

Like an unsightly stain on your new shirt, Obama won’t go away just by our wanting him to.

3 responses to “Romney: “I want to get us back to being AMERICA”

  1. Tomorrow morning at 9AM, our congregation is kicking off what will be our part in a national call to 40 days of prayer for our country and a return to moral, principled leaders who act base on what is RIGHT, and not what’s politically expedient.

    I hope you’ll join us for the next 40 days.

    • We’ll be prayin’ with you, Pgh! But we’re doing OTHER steps, as well.

      For example: I have volunteered to help bus ALL the Dems on my street to the polls ….on November 7th.

      (…don’t say anything, ok?)

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