The Real Mitt Romney – more folks need to see this

This video was rolled out the last night of the Republican Convention, the night of Mitt’s speech. It echoes what others have been saying about Romney for years now: he’s an extremely smart, decent, & solid guy…which runs 180 degrees counter to the media narrative.

When you add in the tax info and charitable donations info which he just released yesterday, he comes off as the sort of guy you hope your daughter marries, or moves in next door.

If the radical Left can somehow turn that into a negative, more power to ’em.



3 responses to “The Real Mitt Romney – more folks need to see this

  1. Ahh, yes….remember when we were all encouraged to “leave behind” the politics of personal destruction? Apparently to Obama and his minions, that only counts when you are pointing out REAL discrepancies in THEIR records, actions, words, etc. But now, when you have NO RECORD (or as JTR pointed out a while back: a BAD record) to run on, the only thing left (or, the only LEFT thing) to do, is try to tear down a man whose character is everything they’re not.

    Let us PLEASE see a side by side of Romney and Obama….last time I checked. you can’t find anything about Romney:
    1. Using and selling drugs.
    2. Eating dogs.
    3. Leaving family members destitute in foreign lands.
    4. Hanging out with avowed terrorists.
    5. Hiding his college records.

    And the list could go on and on. Oh that the media lemmings would just delve into and disect HALF of Obama’s past as they’ve attempted to do with Mitt.

    • Welcome back to the mainland, Pgh! Hope your vacation was a relaxing one.

      And, it would be…stunning…..if the MSM took even a fraction of the time and effort pursuing Obama’s record (& analyzing his character) as they do Romney, and every other “challenger-to-the-throne”.

      Mitt isn’t my perfect candidate, but I may never actually find that person. What Romney IS… is a decent man who will begin to rectify the wreckage wrought by this administration.

  2. Thanks for the “welcome home”, bro! It’s TOUGH to find a better place for some much needed R&R than the Dominican Republic, specifically, Punta Cana. Plus, the timing was key as I wanted to be fully rested, with a clear mind, as we enter into the final countdown to election. I hope all “Two Heads..” readers will at least consider joining me, and what I hope will be, millions of others for the 40 days of prayer leading up to election day.

    JTR, you make a key point that I think Conservatives REALLY need to get their minds around: Quit letting the MSM try to drive a wedge between us and our duly nominated candidate. No one candidate is EVER going to check all of the boxes, and I get a little perturbed when I hear “so-called” conservatives on talk radio with the “He doesn’t meet “X” criteria for me, as a conservative, so I’m just going to ‘sit this one out’ to send a message to the Right”.

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