Islam: “They can’t keep taking offense at EVERYTHING”

The quote in this post’s title were the last words spoken by Mark Steyn in the interview below, …back in September of 2007.

This has been coming for a while, folks.


This week’s disgraceful events in the Middle East, and the even more disgraceful coverage by our Eunuch Media, made me pick up one of my favorite books of the last decade, ‘America Alone‘.

I’m sure many of you have either read it, or have at least heard about it and have MEANT to read it. Regardless if you fall into either of those two camps, or if you are in camp #3 (never read it &/or never heard of it), I’m asking you to do yourself a favor: please read it now.


Right now.

His book (penned in 2006) is almost eerily prescient, and all the while Steyn is waaaay funnier than that Nostradamus guy. And make no mistake, being funny is what makes you read the whole thing, because the subject matter is depressing. It warns us of the threats of radical Islam, as well as its enabler, multiculturalism.

The combination is dire.

If you want to have your eyes opened to the reality that slapped us in the face (again) this week, this is the book to read. Where else are you going to get a world-class briefing on one of the most imminent dangers of the 21st century, and still average at least one good belly laugh per page? No where else, I assure you.

In addition to the 1st clip at the top, I’m also including a 2nd one below, this time with Steyn discussing multiculturalism. In the 2nd one he’s working without a script in front of a live audience, where he truly excels.

But after you watch the videos, don’t forget to grab/buy/rent ‘America Alone‘. Not reading it now would qualify as being willfully ignorant, and that is something we no longer have the luxury to be.

6 responses to “Islam: “They can’t keep taking offense at EVERYTHING”

  1. Multiculturalism says “our core value is that we have no core values.”


  2. Rudyard Kipling wrote a marvelous quote that is entirely applicable here: ********************
    Now it is not good for the Christian’s health to hustle the Aryan brown, For the Christian riles, and the Aryan smiles and he weareth the Christian down; And the end of the fight is a tombstone white with the name of the late deceased, And the epitaph drear: “A Fool lies here who tried to hustle the East.”
    It is a technique. The technique both the weak and the evil use against a better foe.
    What can you do against the creeping Islamic threat to civilisation?
    Whatever happened the violence of Christianity in pursuing its demands?
    You people on this Site are obviously Christians.
    You are failing your faith by not taking action NOW against this creeping disease.
    Do what they are doing! Coordinate your responses thru your churches. Bombard your gutless politicians, write to the News media.
    Stage demonstrations against this assault on your beliefs and civilisation.
    For, make no mistake, it is an Islamic plan unchanged as pointed out by Kipling.
    You are not going to have ANY freedom left in your faith very soon.
    Look what the Saudi money bought in Texas!
    No more CHRIST-mas celebration allowed!.
    In England Sharia – the sick laws of population control – particularly of females – have already been accepted as valid OPTIONAL alternatives to Law.
    Time is running out – because those Islamic population controls also suit those who who would impose “1984” on us.

    • I appreciate the passion, ‘himagain’.

      Many if not all of those items are being done, weekly (vs. “weakly”).
      I would suggest that you don’t know a fraction of what we both do, daily and professionally, towards this goal. However, my desire here is not to argue or nitpick.
      Instead, I will simply take your impassioned plea for what it is:
      an alarm.

      There are those in our country, and around the world, who wish us dead. Our blog is just one of the ways which we are communicating that reality.

      Hope you stop back soon.
      Passion in these times is a rarity.

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