EXPOSED: Obama’s lack of leadership

The Obama administration’s scurrying away from the statements of the US Embassy in Cairo is a hugely telling sign for the American people. It says all we need to know about Obama’s utter lack of leadership, as well as his dearth of business and administrative experience.

We covered the ugly timeline of events yesterday as well as this morning, but that only tells the result of the problem. The actual cause is that Obama is fluent in arousing people’s emotions, but not in directing people’s actions. He’s not a manager; he’s an instigator.

Any Fortune 500 middle-manager will tell you that they are entrusted with a specific authority with their title and pay-grade. This is why you often need to be referred up the chain when you have a complaint with an AT&T®, or a Best Buy®.

However, when you get to a certain managerial level, that person was hired and trained to take in all the pertinent information and make the appropriate call. It’s what they do. If they need to call in the higher-ups every time a crisis occurs, they’ll soon be replaced, since they aren’t performing one of their more essential duties.

The US Embassy in Cairo’s statement and Tweet which has caused so much consternation was the result of their obvious understanding that they were acting on Obama’s behalf, and in his best interests. It’s an Embassy, for goodness sake: their only job was to communicate! The Administration’s backing away from this statement is empty and self-serving, and also completely devoid of reality.

In the Real World, when one of your handpicked surrogates says or does something on your behalf, you have to live with it. You can apologize for it, but you certainly can’t disavow it, as if it has nothing more to do with you than graffiti spray-painted on your building.

The Real World doesn’t work that way.

President Obama has spent the last several years bowing and apologizing to every foreign leader who will stand still for five seconds. THAT is why our Embassy released the statement: they were simply echoing the blatant point-of-view which we’ve all witnessed repeatedly put forth by this administration. Obama’s effort to weasel out of  accountability for it comes off as craven, cowardly, and disingenuous.

In short, President Xerxes is desperately trying to maintain his aura of ‘Smart Power’, which has proven to be barely a mirage.

I hope he has his resumé up to snuff; he’s going to need it shortly.

12 responses to “EXPOSED: Obama’s lack of leadership

  1. Remember when we “just didn’t have the intellect to understand a mind as great as Obama’s”? Perhaps the rest of the world is just as dumb as the rest of us. Lord knows, Barry CAN’T be wrong!

    Obama reminds me of the teacher in “Back to School” who tries to tell the class “how to start a business”, when he’s never done it himself. Rodney sets him straight in no uncertain terms because he has REAL experience.

    Obama and his ilk are a bunch of 60’s rejects who believe they can save the world with a Coke and a smile. It’s all books and no brains. Theory vs practice. Which, as he brushes up his resume, JTR, will make him the logical next choice to head the U.N.

    • Admittedly, my background is in business, not politics. But Leadership is Leadership, regardless of the venue.
      Obama’s LACK of it is breathtaking, even for someone as jaded as me.

      It’s as if someone gave the keys for the world’s biggest store to some punks on the corner, and only told them “be sure you lock up, OK?”


  2. JTR is right about leadership having nothing to do with what the subject matter is. Nobody could possibly be fluent in everything a president must deal with but pure leadership isn’t taught, you either have it or you don’t. Can you say Jimmy Carter?

    Romney showed some true leadership and the media tried its best to crucify him for it. Obama and his administration failed us once again.

    • Isn’t THAT the truth, Blaine! The LAST thing they want is a side-by-side of Obama and Romney with regard to their response to those events.

  3. We have to escape the mind-set that Obama is “failing us”. That’s not the case at all. He never intended to NOT to fail us … he is doing exactly what’s he’s intended all along … influence the overthrow of the various Islamic dictatorships replacing them with a faux ‘democracy’ comprised of the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s facilitated the infiltration of the Brotherhood into high ranking positions within our government … and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what for. He wasn’t placed into his position to lead anything … except the demise of the United States.

  4. “He’s not a manager; he’s an instigator.” Thanks. Now I know what a community organizer does. Was wandering about this for quite some time.

  5. Back in my Radar Bomb Scoring days, we used to have a saying…”Nuke ’em ’til they glow in the dark.” There’s something to be said for using a tactical nuke to turn the area around the Libyan Presidential palace into a glass topped parking lot.

    • But, they’re “mostly peaceful”, Mr G!!!
      There’s a large swath of the Middle East that needs to learn how to ‘play well with others’, IYKWIM. They are no better than kids with highly permissive parents: they’ll do whatever they can get away with.

      And for the record, the world could use a couple more parking lots.

      • Glad to see we have a consensus here.

        • Well, to be honest, when someone uses the flimsiest of excuses to justify reprehensible acts, consensus shouldn’t be too hard to reach.

          Other than for the hard Left, of course.
          An Islamic terrorist could set off a small thermonuclear device somewhere in the US, and I guar-an-darn-tee you that some egghead Leftist (my bet is either a college professor or a NYTimes columnist), would be screeching about “how we need to find out why they acted this way”, or some such bilge.

          Which is why they should never be given the reins of power.

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