Dhimmitude: Will we EVER learn?

This just in: Leading from behind now even less of a good idea.

I have been thoroughly disgusted by the tenor of some of the online papers last night and even this morning. Their tone and tack has been so decidedly pro-Obama, the actual DNC must be jealous.

So, I was heartened when I saw Michelle Malkin’s appearance on Hannity last night. In this current sea of brain-washed bluster that the media has stirred up, she was a refreshing voice on TV that evening.

Rather than attempting to quote her, it’s easier if you just watch.

Barely 6 minutes, and some much-needed perspective.

17 responses to “Dhimmitude: Will we EVER learn?

  1. “It’s NOT will we ever FORGET. It’s WILL we EVER LEARN”…..
    ‘Nuff said….

  2. I’m also glad that she slammed the media for trying to turn this against Romney. You can read that here. Unbelievable!


  3. As you sow, so shall you reap…

    • Unfortunately, what Obama, Hillary, and the rest are sowing is reaped by the rest of us as well, and the manure pile is getting deep….

    • Media:
      “But, but, but, ….it’s not Obama’s fault! It was Libya, and Egypt, and that darn ambassador, and Romney, and, and, and, …Boooooosh.”

      It’s one of the accepted absolutes in the Religion of Secular Media:
      **if something bad happens, it simply COULDN’T be the fault of President Xerxes; he does no wrong. Therefore, it was someone else.

      • Ahhh, remember not so long ago, when our SCOAMF Prez was being idolized by the Democracolytes for the “wonders” he worked in Egypt and for getting rid of that villain, Mubarek? The “Arab Spring” of democracy turned out to be a push for the Muslim Brotherhood, a devout terrorist group, to whom we now shell out $1,500,000,000.00 per year in “assistance”.

        Hey JTR: Don’t shoot me, but here’s money for the rifle in case you do.

        GREAT strategy, Obama……just great.

  4. Oh, BTW…..do you think Obama should “reconsider” actually MEETING with Netanyahu when he comes to the US later this month?

    Remember, Obama said that he “didn’t have time in his schedule” to do so, despite the fact that he found time in his schedule for an appearance on David Letterman’s late-night comedy show and an interview with Miami rapper and radio personality DJ Laz.

    This administration spends more time coddling terrorist groups than protecting our allies. Iran, from where much of this current wave of terrorism is originating, continues to move forward with their nuke program, and all Hillary can say is that “we don’t want to set deadlines”, and will continue to “negotiate”. That’s nothing more than saying: “keep doing what you’re doing”. Netanyahu’s response? “Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

    Again, this administration’s foreign policy is putting the WORLD in danger worse than the bumbling Jimmy Carter could even imagine. It’s time to kick the children out of the room and bring in the adults.

  5. Good things come in twos… We would be most honored if you would like to accept yet another award: The Thought Provoking Blog Award

  6. Bulk sales orders for American flags from the middle east have spiked sharply in recent days…

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  8. Since I can tell that Michelle is outraged, I do have to wonder why the rest of America isn’t just as outraged by what is happening in Islamic countries that we no doubt supply with billions of American dollars yearly. I know that I am outraged by this bunch of wild baboons storming our Embassies, burning our flags and killing our delegates. Maybe too many of us have grown to believe that the Muslim religion is a peaceful one because a lot of important people in this county have been telling us so. Do the people we are watching rioting in these countries look peaceful to you?

    I am personally disgusted with it all. And I am wondering why Americans are not protesting in the streets the burning of our flags and the murder of our Ambassador and staff.

    My brother has been buying guns, ammo and ready to eat food for several years now thinking that he would be defending himself from other Americans once the revolution starts here. It looks like he may need that arsenal to defend himself from a bunch of wild radical baboons instead. Thank God that he knows how to use those weapons. I hope that it is still
    Permissable to use the word God in these United States of America. Is it? I really do expect that particular freedom to be revoked soon. It may just OFFEND some wild baboon.

  9. Hey, WireMom:
    I understand and empathize with your frustration, obviously.
    And since you are using the word “baboon” to describe behavior which we wouldn’t even accept from domesticated animals, I can’t disagree with you there, either.

    I don’t understand all the political & nuanced aspects of Middle East politics; I don’t pretend to. But I DO understand barbarism.
    And the actions which I saw on the news were barbaric.

    As far as I’m concerned, if someone is going to behave in a barbaric manner, then it is incumbent upon us to respond…in kind.

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