DNC Convention: The SHOUT heard ’round the world

Wednesday night, those of us who were brave or stupid enough to endure the Democrat Convention witnessed Sandra “Free-Loader” Fluke backing Obama for Sugar Daddy President. We then had to muscle our way through Bill Clinton’s endurance test framed as a speech, where I quickly lost count of the fabrications, lies, fibs,  and myriad equivocations about Obama’s first term.

But to me, the clarifying event wasn’t President Pinocchio or Sandra Fluke’s whine-o-rama; it was the ‘Shout Heard Round The World’. I posted about this right after it happened, but I’ve been mulling it over ever since.

My conclusions are not comforting.


At the very least, half of the Democrat delegates were not in favor of any mention of God, or of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, being reinserted into their party platform. This is a ground-shaking time for the Democrat Party. Israel has been our most staunch ally for decades, and being unwilling to mention God in the Dem platform basically tells the 90% Americans who believe in God that they’re not welcome in the party. When did either of these opinions actually become mainstream?

Answer: they’re not, which is the exact problem.

It is my assertion that many Democrats have no clue what their party believes. Over my 20+ years of professional sales, I’ve had the honor to meet hundreds and hundreds of people. And I quickly determined that folks quite often enjoy discussing politics as long as you’re not dismissive of their views. In case after case, I found individuals who are card-carrying Democrats yet live their lives conservatively. They vote Democrat out of little more than inertia: their Dad was a Democrat, they belong to a union, etc.,..

If they really were honest with themselves, if they actually analyzed WHY they vote as they do, they’d quickly realize how far away the Democrat Party has drifted from its purported beliefs. The resounding “NO” heard last night in Charlotte was merely the inevitable conclusion of a story that has been written for years now.

Just consider what Gov. Susana Martinez said at last week’s Republican convention:


Martinez and her husband did something exceptional that day. They examined the facts, gave an honest assessment, ignored their pride …and switched parties. This is not to say the Republican Party is perfect by ANY means. The point is that one party’s leaders (hint: it’s the Democrats) has completely disowned the very essence of what it means to be American and, up ’til now, they’ve managed to keep it under the radar. It’s been a tricky tightrope walk enabled by a like-minded media.

Last night, they totally fell off the wire.

The November election is not far away. Ask yourself, ask your neighbors or family: if you are considering voting to re-elect the current administration, what exactly are you voting for? Are the views of the party truly in line with your views, your principles, your beliefs? Or are they anathema to what you hold most dear?

Our country is heading for a financial disaster, and we’re running out of road before we have to hit the brakes. Far worse, however, is that the disaster on the Democrat Convention floor illustrates our country’s soul is at risk. If we opt to turn our back on our best allies and cringe at even the most tangential mention of our God, the most prosperous nation in history cannot and will not survive.

As our second president, John Adams, warned so long ago:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

5 responses to “DNC Convention: The SHOUT heard ’round the world

  1. For DECADES, they’ve covered up who they REALLY are with a lot of “easy on the ears” rhetoric. (READ: lies, distortions, etc.)

    Now, based upon what we saw last night, at least HALF of them are ready to rip off the mask and proclaim themselves for who they’ve been at their core for years.

    You’re right, JTR….and I concur that there are a LOT of Dems waking up this morning and asking themselves, “What party do I belong to?”

    I hope it’s weighing heavily on their hearts, minds and souls.

    BTW: There IS a solution. Governor Martinez showed the way.

    PS: this note is MUCH shorter than I would have liked, but was cut short due to criticism by JTR of the length of my comment this morning…. BWAHAHAHAHA!

    • WHAT criticism? I thought I was being supportive….
      You know I love ya’, brotha. And I especially like your comments.

      So go ahead, comment away.
      Heck, write a novella if you want.
      Release the hounds!!

  2. First, it was the debt clock hitting $16 Trillion to kick off their convention of “here’s how much MORE we will spend to buy your vote”.

    Then, last night, it’s the shouting match over God and Israel.

    I CAN’T wait for today’s fun!

    • Let’s see now:

      Comfy chair in front of TV? check.
      Internet feed? check.
      27 industrial-size bags microwave popcorn? check.
      30,000 America-hating Dems down in Charlotte? check, and check.

      I’m ready, baby!!!

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