Did the Democrat Convention REALLY boo God and Jerusalem?

Short answer: you’re damn skippy they did!

I almost NEVER post in the evening (with the family and all), but this just couldn’t wait. I am torn between laughing uncontrollably, and weeping.

From Ricochet.com:

…we’ve discussed how the Democratic Party had removed any mention of God in its platform. It had also removed any mention of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Neither of these omissions sat well with parts of the party and so there was a move when the convention opened tonight to put them back in. Easy peasy, right?

All it took was a simple 2/3 vote in the affirmative to get those references back in. Except when Convention Chair (and Los Angeles Mayor) Antonio Villaraigosa asked for people to vote, it was split down the middle at best. In my own view, neither side had a clear majority. Others, including those who were in the hall, say the “no” voters had a majority. No one thinks that Villaraigosa’s opinion — that the ayes had 2/3 majority — is based in fact.

Anyway, he takes a vote multiple times, ignores the advice of a woman who explains to him that he can’t force the vote, and says the “ayes” have it. And the crowd boos.

You can watch for yourself here:


Considering their stance on a host of issues, can the Democrats REALLY be shocked that either God or Jerusalem would face such opposition from within their own party?

‘Cause it sure doesn’t surprise me.

15 responses to “Did the Democrat Convention REALLY boo God and Jerusalem?

  1. This is better than Comedy Central!

  2. Not sure what was sadder: that so many (vocally it sounded like half to me) would oppose the amendment, or that someone was willing to “fudge” the results, on live TV, to save face. I’m sure the mayor was embarrassed at finding that something so seemingly innocuous was instantly so divisive. But WE should be heartened…”A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

  3. Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere and not a thought to think. The most amazing part is that they can’t even be honest with themselves….if that was a 2/3rds majority vote, then I’m General Custer drinking a beer at the Little Big Horn with Crazy Horse.

  4. Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing! Do these Democrats really have no idea Who they’re going against?

    • Actually Lynda, I think many of them do. And I don’t think they care.
      That’s what makes me want to weep, rather than laugh.

      However, when I remember the look on Villaraigosa’s face as he asked for a 2nd voice vote, and then a THIRD one, well…THAT look was priceless.

  5. Believe it or not, I’m going to bypass the multitude of sarcastic/humorous statements that were going through my mind as I watched this debacle….there’s a BIGGER issue at stake here.

    These folks know EXACTLY what they’re doing. For far too long, far too many of them have had the very goal of destroying the moral fabric that our Nation was founded on. And we, the community of faith, have stood by, only murmuring to ourselves instead of standing up, from the beginning, for those principles that should guide us. We’ve stood SILENTLY by our faith; Too many ASHAMED, EMBARRASSED, or not wanting to look “politically incorrect” to proclaim the foundations of Faith. And, far too many of our “churches” have moved away from God’s teachings toward a more “socially acceptable” message.

    I think it was hard for many to imagine that these were “bad” people. Surely, they were just misguided (and we should be tolerant) in THEIR pursuits. But what can you say about an ideology that, at its core:

    1. Seeks to destroy the foundations of Faith, and remove God from all discourse?
    2. Seeks to destroy the family unit so that the almighty government can now be the head of every household?
    3. Shows such absolute DISDAIN for human life as to make the KILLING of innocent children the main sacrament of their ideology?
    4. Seeks to pit “brother against brother”, sowing seeds of social discord, all in purpose to garner their own power?
    5. Has the destruction of Israel in its sights?

    What can you say? Well, I’ll tell you what I say: IT’S EVIL incarnate.

    If you have a moment today, take your Bible, and READ what it says about those nations that bless and protest Israel, and those that don’t. While you’re at it, take a gander at what is said regarding the sanctity of life.

    The fool hath said in his heart that there is no God. Last night, we saw a monumental gathering of such folks.

    The question to me is: are YOU still going to stand by, silently? Or are you going to take a stand for all of those principles that you hold so dear? Will you stand up and be counted?

    I invite you to join me and MANY others on September 28th as we begin 40 days of prayer for our Nation, and for a return to God fearing and inspired leaders.

  6. Say, did you see where “the ayes have it, the motion is carried” was already printed on the teleprompter?

    • I have a feeling that those who screamed “No”, are NOT going to go away quietly DESPITE what the teleprompter said.

      Again, it’s interesting that Obama APPROVED of the platform in the beginning, and then realized he had BETTER give God and Israel at least a tip of the hat. Thanks, Barry……we all feel better about your stance now.

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