Hiding the ‘Big Lie’ by ….accusing your opponent of Lying

You’ve gotta hand it to the Libs: they show world-class commitment to their lies.

The mantra from the Left regarding the General Motors plant in Janesville, WI  which Paul Ryan referenced in speech his RNC speech has basically been, “Paul Ryan lied, Lied, LIED”. Over and over, and over again, this has been repeated ad nauseam. They simply will. Not. Let. It. Go.

In this day of politicians rolling over at the first hint of push back, it’s impressive and admirable that Ryan hasn’t so much as flinched in the face of this contemptible slander. And, of course, Ryan has something going for him in this argument: he’s telling the truth

We discussed this last week, and since this has been proven incontrovertibly false, you’d think the Left would just lick their wounds on this and move on.

When will we learn.

On the Today show, Matt Lauer grilled Ryan yet again over this:

“There are some people who are claiming that you played a little fast and loose with the truth on certain key elements. And I’m not just talking about Democratic analysts, I’m talking about some independent fact checkers. Would you concede that while many of the things you said were effective, some were not completely accurate?”

Ryan responded patiently yet firmly, as if he was explaining to his 10-year-old why running with scissors really wasn’t such a hot idea: 

“No, not in the least, actually. What they’re trying to suggest is that I said that Barack Obama was responsible for our plant shutdown in Janesville. That is not what I was saying. Read the speech. What I was saying is the President ought to be held to account for his broken promises. After our plant was shut down he said that he would lead an effort to retool plants like the Janesville plant to get people back to work. It’s still idle, people are still not working there.”

You can see the whole Today Show clip here. By the by, I’ve found that when I’m watching Lauer, keeping an airsickness bag near-by often comes in handy.


Now I’m just a guy with a blog, but if I could do the 5 seconds of research to find the video (below), then presumably Matt has an intern or six that he could dispatch to bring this same video to him. The only reason he wouldn’t is that he already knew the truth, he didn’t want to know it, ….or Lauer was simply lying.

Here’s the video; you decide:


UPDATE: From Newsbusters, this will come as a shock to exactly …nobody.

Although the press has decided that every statement of Paul Ryan’s, no matter how provably true, is cause for days of dissection, when it’s one of their darlings like Elizabeth Warren, they can let wild assertions go unchallenged…even when the statements are cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs level crazy.

Shocked, I’m telling you; shocked.

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8 responses to “Hiding the ‘Big Lie’ by ….accusing your opponent of Lying

  1. Matt Lauer is like a jockey, at the Derby, riding a dead horse. He’ll argue ALL DAY LONG that his horse isn’t dead. The other horses just have an unfair advantage of being alive.

    Get ready for 63 more glorious days of every manner of Liberal/Main Stream Media lie, deception, and misdirection, the likes of which have heretofore NEVER been seen. In 2008, they were only guilty of not even minutely looking into WHO Obama was. Now, they have to defend a man with NO RECORD……and….who they still know nothing about.

    Should be fun…..

    • Since Obama most definitely DOES have a record (it just stinks), I know that you meant no “defensible” record, or no “record of merit”.
      I’ll simply qualify your statement for others who wouldn’t read between the lines.
      Love the jockey visual, partner, although Lauer is too smarmy for that profession: the other jockeys would kill him.

      At least by doing what he does now, Lauer is surrounded by an entire NETWORK of people lacking a shred of integrity.

  2. You are CORRECT in your clarification, sir!
    The “jockey” comparison came to mind immediately, as I see ML as a VERY SMALL person. If physical size was replaced by character, he’d find himself dressed in velcro and being tossed toward a wall at a party.

  3. A little off topic but do you think Obama will be white in his next term?

    • Wow….this one is a loaded gun! LOL!

      The way I see it (and by Obama’s own admission), he’s half white and half black, although only the black half gets credit for being president. Kinda like Tiger Woods. You never hear HIM being described as a “Half Asian Golfer”.

      I would hope that the only “term” left in Obama’s career is one of 15 to 20 years for impersonating a President.

    • In response to Phoebe’s rather loaded question: “Only for HALF of it….”

  4. Clint Eastwood isn’t old, just tired from having to carry his b***s around in a wheelbarrow…

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