Thanks for proving my point, Lefties

Saw this over at The Right Sphere this morning, and it echoed what I wrote about yesterday almost exactly. It also proved my point to a ‘T’. 

So, in the admittedly selfish interest of saying “I told ya’ so”, here it is.



The Republican National Convention finally went into full swing last night.  Mia Love, Ted Cruz, Artur Davis,  and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley all gave rousing speeches laying out both the case against reelecting President Obama and the case for electing Mitt Romney. Following them, Ann Romney gave us a much needed personal glimpse into who Mitt Romney is and then New Jersey Governor Chris Christie delivered the keynote address.

As one would expect, these speeches were met with much consternation from the Left. Even more predictable were the usual cries from the usual talking heads that the GOP was using ‘racial code words’ and ‘dog whistles.’ Like this one from Donna Brazile:

Donna Brazile  @donnabrazile

Social issues, code words, dog whistle. Is this the red meat the GOP wants to attract women and independent voters?

See, what Leftists like Donna Brazile hope to do is make any discussion on any issue they know they are losing on about race. Bring up food stamps? ‘Code word.’ Wanna talk about welfare? ‘Dog whistle.’ Mitt Romney uses a banner that says ‘Obama Isn’t Working’?…he’s evoking ‘racial stereotypes’. They do this because they know if this election is about a real discussion of issues and President Obama’s record, he’s likely going to lose.

But here’s the problem: the only real ‘racial code words’ and ‘dog whistles’ are actually the terms ‘racial code words’ and ‘dog whistle.’ These words are nothing more than Democrats wanting to have the ability to call someone a racist without actually having to say so. They do this because it allows them to introduce race, infer racism, and plant the idea that someone is a racist without a shred of evidence to support that idea. I say no more.

From now on when they throw those canards out there, ask them why it’s a ‘code word’ or ‘dog whistle.’ Make them say that any discussion of entitlement spending, unemployment, or any other issue is racist and can only be about minorities. Then ask them why they think that’s the case.

Ask them specifically if they think the person talking about that issue is a racist. Make them say it. Make them call Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and everyone else in the GOP a racist.

Trust me, they’re dying to.

via Democrat Dog Whistles | The Right Sphere.

19 responses to “Thanks for proving my point, Lefties

  1. livinrightinpgh

    During of the more poignant moments of the Chris Matthews/Newt Gingrich “interview” was when Chris asked if it wasn’t “racist” of Newt when Newt referred to Obama as the “Food Stamp President”. Newt scoffed, and pointed out that under Obama, it’s actually more Caucasians that have gone onto the food stamp program.

    Clearly, Chris thinks that “Food Stamps” apply ONLY to minorities and people of color, which in my mind, makes HIM the racist.

    • It is the Left’s complete inability to see their own inherent racism which literally makes me chuckle now. They’re operating within an echo chamber consisting of the NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post and the talking heads on TV (other than Fox).

      We don’t use race as an excuse for people’s lack of success; they do.
      We don’t want the continuation of failed programs to punish the poor, black and white alike; they do.
      We don’t want our kids virtually “jailed” in schools that don’t educate them; they do.
      Yet, WE are somehow the racists?

      Only in their addled, twisted, angry little minds.

      • livinrightinpgh

        Hey, JTR!
        Maybe we should start employing the “Peewee Herman” strategy whenever the Left starts with the whole racist tripe they’re so fond of…….

        “I know you are, but what am I?”

        Oh sure, it’s an inane response, but it just seems fitting with the Left’s entire approach.

        Now, go on….admit it……you’re doing your best Peewee Herman imitation right now, aren’t you?

        • Biker #2: I say we kill him!
          Biker Gang: YEAH!
          Biker #3: I say we hang him, *THEN* we kill him!
          Biker Gang: YEAH!
          Pee-wee: [tries to throw voice without moving lips] I say we let him go.
          Biker Gang: [shout] NO!’!’!

  2. Mia Love…..already married……darn!

  3. They also use the racism to divide, they don’t want Americans joining together to solve the problem because it doesn’t benefit them. Pointing out that more people are on food stamps are the facts, it shouldn’t matter who is on them but that they are on them. This has been the narrative they want against anyone who opposed Obama, they oppose him on race. The problem is too many people fall for the dog whistle.

    • Fewer all the time, Blaine. The fact that they are in full-throated outrage right now, over whistles only THEY hear, reflects much worse on them than it does us.

      I see lots and lots of very comfortable padded cells in their future.
      Heck, I’ll spring for the shirts with super-long sleeves myself.

      • livinrightinpgh

        OOOOH! A new “cottage industry” that I WILL BUILD: A 12 step program for “O.D.D.S.”, aka Obama’s Defeat Derangement Syndrome.

        Think of the advertisements, alone! Definitely gonna pursue this idea.

        The “ODDS” are with me.

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