YOU Didn’t Build That, Uncle Sam

***Every once in a while, someone says what I would have liked to have said, if only it would have occurred to me to say it.

Today is another one of those times.

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And now, here’s Rick’s post.


Let’s look at some of the key parts of President Obama’s speech regarding small businesses and who built them. Let’s examine whether or not small businesses should be beholden to government for their successes. Let’s ask why President Obama doesn’t assume responsibility for all of the small businesses that have failed when surrounded by his creative governmental influence and power.

For the record, nine of every 10 new small businesses fail in the first two years of operation; so, if successful small businesses are the result of government support, government is doing about as poor a job as anyone could imagine. This also speaks poorly of his remark in assessing the economy when he stated that “the private sector is doing fine”.

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Let’s meet some billionaires who are college or high school drop outs. The following is only a partial listing of 37 of the richest men in the world who dropped out of college:  Wiki List of College Dropout Billionaires

Here’s a list of 10 children who created and built successful business: 10 Kids Who Started Wildly Successful Businesses

Here is a list of famous people who didn’t graduate high school: Famous High School Dropouts

And what is the record of success that public education possesses in today’s environment? Choices Education Group states that for every school day, 7,000 students become high school dropouts and that 26% of students fail to graduate on time each year, and more.

So, while some “great teacher, somewhere” may have helped some people improve their lives, that is not always the case and is becoming less so as time moves on and the public education system demonstrates growing failure rates and gross administrative incompetence, even when paying per pupil rates of approximately $30,000.00 per child.

As to infrastructure, government only began to “invest” in public roads, energy sources and the like when they saw that such involvement would increase tax receipts, allow for individual politicians or political parties to gain advantages over opponents, and other less-than-caring motives. The first interstate highway was built by a small group of private citizens and drew government in as they went along only when government saw possibilities for improved commerce and heard the loud voices of the constituents along the route in support of the project.

FDR opted to usurp and punish private utilities magnates for their successes in order to take over these industries for the benefit of the poor and to ensure equitable pricing for services. He saw private ownership of these industries as harmful to the nation, just as he saw reducing wages during the depression as criminal and terrorized legitimate business owners who dared to oppose his fiat decision-making.

The fact is that highways and other infrastructure have been built by a combination of federal, state and private money. To claim that “all of us” paid for those roads, bridges, the development of the internet, the defense of our country, etc. is absolutely false. How can it be true when half of the citizens in this country pay absolutely no federal income taxes?

How are the rich failing to pay “their fair share,” when only the upper half of the income earners in the nation are paying all of the bills so that the other 50% can live here without raising a finger to help the nation, let alone helping themselves?

So, while there may be some merit in the President’s comments that “someone helped you do that” [build a business], we can exclude at least 50% of the population whose lack of participation actually makes building businesses harder and more expensive as business taxes, like personal income taxes, go to support those non-contributors or marginally employable wage earners.

It is not the upper half of the economic class who is failing to do its fair share. It is the parasites who are content to ride on the sweat, risk and efforts of those whose taxes go to write the government payments the lower-income group in America gets to cash in every month.

So, let’s try to get real, Mr. President and discuss the issues of the economy, jobs, tax reform and national security, and move away from the Distract, Divert and Divide-people-into-groups strategies that spew bile ,and hate-generating remarks like suggesting that Republicans are planning to put African-Americans back in chains or that candidate Romney doesn’t care about cancer patients when his wife is a cancer survivor. Let’s try to direct your team to act a bit more presidential on your behalf and a lot less like some intemperate group of barbarians.

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  1. Thank you for the re-posting of my article. Best wishes to you and yours and for success with your blog.

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