It’s Laugh-with-a-graph Day

We’ve been hitting politics all week, and I’m calling “time-out” for the day. There’ll be time for politics tomorrow.

Instead, we thought you’d enjoy some of these graphs that we found on the humor site, (which now appears to have been absorbed into another website?).

Have a great one, gang.












28 responses to “It’s Laugh-with-a-graph Day

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Eight sevenths of all people don’t understand fractions……..

  2. Those are pretty humorous and so true.
    On an off topic, what’s not funny is, Mr. G was taken to the hospital by ambulance night before last but good news is, he’s being released today. They diagnosed him with heart arrhythmia, he’s never had an issue before, they don’t know what caused it.

    • Glad that he’s okay, Phoebes. As for not knowing what causes stuff like that: it’s weird to say, but stuff like that sometimes …, …well, sometimes just happens. I’ve watched it (up close and personal) with my own family.

      Regardless, please know that both of you are in our prayers over here.
      And tell Mr G to shape up, so he can get out on the links and sink another hole-in-one!!!

  3. Thanks for the prayers. Don’t know how much shaping up he needs to do, I still enjoy looking at him. 😀
    About them links, you trying to encourage him to make me a golf widow just for a measly hole in one? Shame on you!!

  4. Are there really more lyrics to YMCA than YMCA?

  5. livinrightinpgh

    It takes a “Village People” to answer that, Phoebe……

  6. Bet Hillary knows the lyrics.

  7. Of the most common lies ever told, I was surprised that ‘Yes’ did not make the cut.

  8. The most common lie ever is when you greet someone and ask them “how you doing?” when you really don’t care. I had a customer once that every morning would ask me “how are you” and I always said fine, lie number 2, one morning I decided to test to see if he really cared and surprised him with 10 minutes of telling him why I wasn’t doing so good, he listened politely but never asked again how I was doing. lol

    • I learned from one of my dearest friends (Mr. “Hatfield”) to reply in a superlative when asked how I’m doing.
      Trust me: when you reply “Absolutely FANTASTIC” (or something along those lines), and do it sincerely with a huge smile, it quite often shocks people out of their normal “Howareyou/fine” routine.

      Plus, oddly, it makes YOU feel better…..

  9. I think the “terms of service” segment of the pie chart should be larger…seriously, has anyone EVER read all the fine print, especially online? And I personally think Mrs. JTR (aka my sister-in-law) is a fine cook. My own smoke alarm mainly reminds me that I need to clean my oven (except not now, because we bought a new oven, so we should be safe for awhile).

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