Regarding Paul Ryan: You called down the Thunder!!

Ever since the formal announcement on Saturday morning that Paul Ryan would be Mitt Romney’s VP, the web and the TV talking heads have been on fire with articles and opinions about Ryan’s selection, alternately praising and castigating it. The Left seems to be acting especially happy, which I am taking as the political equivalent of “whistling past the graveyard”.

As soon as I heard the news, I had the immediate flash in my brain of Wyatt Earp on the train platform in ‘Tombstone‘:  “You called down the thunder!…..“, and it seems that it occurred to more folks than just me.

I think I know why, too.

Ryan has already made Obama look foolish on national TV, while coming across as the non-threatening-yet-brainy boy-next-door. The Left responded as they always do, telling lie after lie about Ryan, which after three years has had zero effect …other than to make them look shrill and desperate.

With the addition of Ryan, the choices are more stark than ever:

  • The free market Capitalist, cut spending so we can grow the economy and reduce the deficit guys in one corner, and
  • the Statist and quasi-Socialist, spend-like-a-five-year-old-with-his-very-first-nickel guys in the other corner.

Oh, yeah: I’m gonna definitely need more popcorn for this.


UPDATE: For those of you who are coming late to this party, here are some links for you that pertain to or include Mr. Ryan:

Admittedly, we’ve been on Ryan’s bandwagon for a long time now. He’s not a perfect man, just a good one …but he’s just about perfect for this particular place and time.

14 responses to “Regarding Paul Ryan: You called down the Thunder!!

  1. livinrightinpgh

    It should be a hoot watching Ryan vs Biden in a debate. Although Biden will get the “sympathy” vote…..

    Would LOVE to see Ryan vs Obama……..

    Ahhhh… dream.

  2. Agreed, Pgh. It would be SWEET!!!

    FYI: Did you see the question that Schieffer asked Ryan on 60 minutes last night? He actually asked, “Do you think [Romney’s] been too defensive about Bain capital?”

    I need a new term to use for this: ‘chutzpah‘ just isn’t doin’ it for me anymore.

    • livinrightinpgh

      Yep…I saw it. I’m kinda glad the media shills like Schieffer are out there, because I thought Ryan did a masterful job of B-slapping him down….

      In 2008, all we heard were stories about how “dumb” the GOP Veep candidate was…….guess they’ll need a new tact with Ryan. I’m actually looking forward to them asking him all manner of questions….who knows, MAYBE they’ll get an education on what economics is REALLY all about.

      Let the circus begin.

  3. LOVE this … p.s great job in church yesterday. You guys sounded, well, Heavenly !!!

    • Glad you liked it, Kate! It’s just my weird brain acting normally (for me, that is).

      **As for church, we had a blast. If it helped communicate the message of the Gospel, then mission accomplished.

  4. “So Mr. Ryan, between campaigning and trying to destroy medicare, will you still have time to beat your wife?”

    • livinrightinpgh

      Schieffer is probably in deep anguish right now for NOT thinking to ask THAT poignant question, Mr. Hatfield!!!

    • Back in the 80’s, didn’t Bloom County used to have Milo ask questions like that when he worked for the newspaper? And wasn’t it understood that it was a completely dishonest way for a journalist to behave, …which was WHY it was funny?

      I’m thinking the humor would have been completely lost on guys like Schieffer.

  5. The Dems have already begged for the mercy rule in the VP debate between Ryan and Biden.

    • I’m thinking Biden started in on the double bourbons immediately after hearing about Ryan joining the ticket.

      Maybe during the debate Biden could be allowed to “tag out” (like they do in pro wrestling), and let Obama come in for him?
      No, no, no….that wouldn’t help. Ryan would kill Obama 1-on-1, too.

      Hmmmm….. I’ll have to give this more thought.

      • Great minds think alike. I had thought of the tag team analogy, but couldn’t think of a fair opponent to tag in and debate Ryan. 😉

        • Maybe they could BOTH debate him? I doubt it would matter all that much.

          It’s times like this that I wish I was a Democrat. That way, I could vote TWICE for them!

          • Debate prediction: As Biden is being crushed his out will be to storm off declaring that “he will not share the stage with someone that wants to push old people in wheelchairs off of cliffs.” The media will then declare him as a hero for the “little guy” and for being so courageous in the face of hatred.

            • LOL!
              The scary thing is, based upon what I’ve seen from the press thus far, …..I could see that happening.

              Up is down, and evil is virtuous. Welcome to Obama’s America.

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