Time to Laugh

It’s the weekend, and we’re just tryin’ to relax.

…Emphasis on “try“, of course…

So today we have two routines from one of my favorites, Bob Newhart. I don’t recall either of these, so we must not have owned this particular album as kids. Too bad: they made my boys laugh, so it’s a good bet we’d have liked them at that age, too.

Have a great day, gang,



2 responses to “Time to Laugh

  1. Ok…those were funny. Bob Newhart was always one of my favorites.

    • Newhart remains one of my all-time favs, Mr G. The man makes me laugh with that stammer, or even just by a pause. All that,…and I can show it to my sons.
      To me, that’s priceless.

      Glad you enjoyed it, partner!

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