The Piano Guys: “Star Wars” and “Bring Him Home”…

It’s the weekend, and we thought we’d share a few more clips from (my) new discovery, The Piano Guys.

***I know that the other Head was secretly holding out on me, even though she insists that she merely “forgot” to bring this group to my attention. Yeah, sure, like I really believe THAT…***

Anyway, here are two more vids for your enjoyment. The first one is absolutely inspired, and even my two sons loved it. The other one is a little less “clever”, but just as amazing, musically speaking.




5 responses to “The Piano Guys: “Star Wars” and “Bring Him Home”…

  1. Good morning y’all! It is my duty to inform you, according to the guidelines for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, that Biltrix has nominated you for it: If you so choose to accept, it will be our pleasure. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

    • Thanks so much for the honor, James! And no thanks are necessary: it is we who thank you.
      Without loyal followers like you, we’d just be talking to each other. It’d still be enjoyable, …but only a FRACTION of the fun!

      God Bless, brother…

  2. Politics AND Star Wars! I knew I loved this blog! 😀

    • Right back at ya’, DD!
      We’re just havin’ fun over here.

      Per your comment, anyone that doesn’t like the original Star Wars movies (but not necessarily the 2nd trilogy, IYKWIM) isn’t totally normal.
      Just sayin’…..

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