Spectacular music performed by these Guys….

I must have been living under a rock for the past year.

Prior to yesterday, I had never seen or heard of a group calling themselves ‘ThePianoGuys‘. A collection of entertaining AND proficient musicians, they play piano, cello, …and probably a bunch of other stuff, too.

Many thanks to a longtime friend of the family, Dewey Roth, for bringing them to our attention.

We’re including two of their YouTube videos. The first one is new, is the most impressive (in my humble opinion) and is many times better than the original pop version which they’re covering. The other is from last year, but is just as laudable.

Happy weekend, everyone.




4 responses to “Spectacular music performed by these Guys….

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    Good morning world…..

  2. godsbooklover

    I LOVE these guys! My apologies for not introducing you sooner, bro. You need to find the “Star Wars” video with the cellist portraying both Obi wan and Darth Vadar. Hilarious!

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