What I saw last night at Chick-fil-A….

Just a brief follow-up to yesterday’s posts.


I took Mrs. TurnRight and the two little Turns out to Chick-fil-A last night.

Three words:

  • De,
  • Li,
  • Cious!

Additionally, what I saw there was: a spotlessly clean restaurant. GREAT food. And above all there were 4 of the nicest, most pleasant servers at a fast food place you could imagine. Not painted-on smiles, either: these were 100% genuine. The four girls working the counter loved being there, and took obvious pride in what they were doing: working for an independently-owned franchise that clearly treats them well.

There’s no need to rehash what we discussed yesterday. The Left’s faux outrage has been shown to be just as petty and contrived as one might suspect. What’s needed now is action, not words.

If you have an opportunity to visit a franchise near you, I’d urge you to do so. There is a planned Chick-fil-A “BuyCott” scheduled for next Wednesday, August 1st. Feel free to go then, but why wait? Go today, or go this weekend.

Just go.

In the business world, success is measured in dollars. We can each help fight this modern-day tarring & feathering with our cash, ….and get a great meal in the process.

14 responses to “What I saw last night at Chick-fil-A….

  1. I ate there yesterday and am going back again today. Upon leaving the restaurant I might keep the beverage cup with me and take it wherever I go the rest of the day. Or, I may keep the empty bag, shape it like it still contains something, and carry it around with the logo facing outward. Do they have hats?

  2. Michael Wilhelm

    I have seen on another youtube blog ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JprRWKQys7A&feature=share )that there is an unoffical plan for those in opposion to Chick-fil-A, to storm the stores asking for a cup of free water. I believe it is set for August first. I think it would be a fine gesture to have customers willing to approach such people and buy them a complete meal.

    • …..And certainly a very Christian thing, as well.
      Good idea, Michael!

      By the way, great to see you comment here.
      And thanks, once again, for the wonderful job on our Blog header!

    • We’re going tonight, sounds like a plan on buying meals or at least a soda.

      • The wife and kids went this morning for breakfast; I’ll be joining them there for dinner (in about an hour).

        Trust me, the chicken is EXCELLENT, Phoebes.
        If you choose to only get a soda, be sure to mooch a bite (or three) of Mr G’s sandwich….

        • Rest assured I will be eating my own sandwich, just responding to Michael about buying dinner for those “poor unfortunates” who can only afford a free cup of water.

          Be sure not to miss the big event on Friday, August 3, the other side is planning on doing a kiss-a-thon at Chick-fil-A’s

  3. Think you can help me get Mr. G away from the blogosphere so we can eat?

  4. I took your advice and it worked. Will be posting our experience at Chick-fil-A shortly, stay tuned.

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