I Need A Distraction (and you might, too)

The news is currently inundated with “all Aurora, CO; all the time“, and I just can’t wade into that; not yet, at least. Horrors such as this mystify me: I don’t even pretend to guess what could go through someone’s mind to make shooting-up a theater full of innocents sound like a grand idea.

I’m praying for all concerned, …and that’s about all I have right now.

If you, like me, just need a break from the incessant coverage and hyperbole, please join me in watching the videos below. I haven’t posted anything from Bill Whittle for a few weeks, so I’m due. These are his two newest clips, both from this week.

(***Click on either the image or the title to see each video).


FIREWALL with Bill Whittle – That Looks Bad…


AFTERBURNER with Bill Whittle – It’s a Miracle!

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