Seeing in Black-and-White

(***Editor’s Note: Both of the “Heads” are on vacation today, so we have a Guest Noggin filling in for us. One of our very first commenters, ‘LivinRightinPGH‘ is at turns funny, wry and often quite insightful. Hope you guys enjoy his first post here as much as we both have been enjoying his comments for months now.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: “Hey, ‘PGH! Thanks for pinch hittin’ for us, buddy!”)

So….here we go.  When JTR invited me to “Guest Blog”, it was an “Okay, so what do I do now?” kind of moment.  Seriously, JTR’s and GBL’s posts are things of beauty:  details, footnotes, links….you name it.  Plus, they both have ridiculously high levels of grammar, words,  etc.

I’m a street kid.  One who grew up in the inner city of my beloved Pittsburgh.  I was only in elementary school, but I remember the race riots.  I remember sitting down with my mom and the mom of my best friend, and them telling us that, given the racial tensions that were going on, it might be best for us NOT to hang out in public for fear that we would be targets for both angry white mobs AND angry black mobs.  You see, my childhood friend was black.  (For the record, he went on to be a very successful producer in Hollywood.  His sister was a key figure in local news broadcasts for years at a local affiliate.  And, his brother went on to a career in teaching.)

Hard to believe that was almost 50 years ago……

You’ve certainly heard that Mr. Mitt went to the NAACP the other day.  Well……what you probably heard, ad nauseum, is that Mitt Romney got booed off the stage.  It was so engrained in the MSM news cycle, that (as one notable commentator put it), it was like Rodney King redux.

In fact, you got the feeling from the various reporters, commentators, politicians and others, that Romney’s intentions were a “set up”: a cleverly disguised appearance secretly meant to speak to his base (Read as: Rich, white people). He (Romney) WANTED to be booed.

REALLY? Go ahead…say it:  “PGH. You’re kidding me, right?”  Wish I was.

What was the controversial statement that led to the booing?  Repealing Obamacare.

Yep, repealing a job-killing, tax raising, quality-of-care-reducing piece of legislation that is so heinous as to have four SCOTUS justices say that the law should have been overturned in its entirety…was worthy of booing.

You’d think that, in a group where unemployment is above 14%, ANY measure that would spark employment in the economy would be welcomed.

Here’s a quote from the Chairwoman of “Women in the NAACP”, Charlotte Stoker Manning:

“I believe his vested interests are in white Americans. You cannot possibly talk about jobs for black people at the level he’s coming from. He’s talking about entrepreneurship, savings accounts — black people can barely find a way to get back and forth from work.” Black people don’t know about savings accounts; black people don’t know about entrepreneurship. Who does Romney think he’s talking to?”

I’d LOVE to hear the reactions to that comment from you faithful “Two Heads…” readers.

Perhaps Romney should have taken the old, tried-and-true approach, PANDERING, by instead saying something like:

“If you elect me, Mitt Romney, I promise to have even more of you on Food Stamps!  I will keep unemployment for blacks over 14%! I will raise the minimum wage to even further discourage small businesses from hiring!”

Based on Ms. Stoker-Manning’s comments, I guess THAT would have been better….


Are we now at a place in our society that only black people can speak to the problems of blacks?  Or is it that the only WHITE people that can do so, must be part of the Democrat Party?

When reality loses out to pandering, we are deep in the muck and mire.

I pray that Black America wakes up and looks back over the last 50 years to see who has been at the helm of their ship of destruction.  Moreover, I wonder what my childhood friendship would look like today.  And, if my dear friend’s family had listened to the likes of Ms. Stoker-Manning, how would their lives look now?

6 responses to “Seeing in Black-and-White

  1. A great perspective on a really tough subject, PGH.
    Well done, brotha.

    And now, I’m going down to the pool. This vacationing gig is hard…

  2. Great post!! I’m jealous!! Not sure if because I wasn’t asked to guest blog or because I really, really want a vacation.

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