A Modern Day warning from the Cold War era

It’s not like I wasn’t watching cartoons as a kid. Heck, I set my wind-up Baby Ben alarm clock on Saturday mornings for 5:00am so as not to miss any of ’em. And now I am blessed with two little boys, both of whom are connoisseurs of everything from Looney Tunes and Jonny Quest, to Teen Titans and Ben 10.

That said: I have never, ever seen this.

It’s a short cartoon called “Make Mine Freedom” and according to Internet Movie Data Base is from 1948. Made during the advent of the Cold War, it warns of the dangers of Fascism, Communism and Socialism. However, it does NOT come off as dated. Far from it.

It is scarily applicable to our world today to such an extent one of the reviewers on IMDB suspected it had been recently made to LOOK old, since the “dialogue also seems to have been crafted to meet the needs of the current political crisis“.

If it’s relevent enough to inspire its very own conspiracy theory, you may rest assured: it’s plenty darn relevent.


A pair of credits on this: our buddy That Mr. G Guy’s Blog, as well as the impressive iowntheworld.com.

2 responses to “A Modern Day warning from the Cold War era

  1. Thanks for the link sir. Not only in this cartoon, but it seems like “fictional” books I’ve been reading recently from the fifties seem to dovetail with what’s happening today. Martian Chronicles is a good example with a few of the short stories in it.

    • I’ll need to give the “Chronicles” another spin, then. Haven’t read it since High School.

      And no prob on the link- I wasn’t hip to that film, so discovering it was pretty cool to me.
      And you know I will ALWAYS link you guys, if I can..

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