1936: The REAL year for ‘Climate Change’

This article comes to us via our friends over at “QUIXOTES LAST STAND” blog, and also from the Idaho Press Tribune. Written by syndicated columnist Susan Stamper Brown, it’s a brief-yet-effective history lesson to combat the Greenie-Weanies and Gaia worshippers among us.

We’ve mentioned this topic before, but this is one of those conversations that isn’t going away anytime soon. There are too many folks whose life’s animating force is seeing to it that I don’t use my air conditioning and that my wife no longer can buy her inhaler.

A sample:

If there was ever a case to be made for global warming, it would have been in 1936 — back in the days when no one worried about how cow flatulence or greenhouse gas affected the atmosphere.

Unlike anything we’ve experienced since, the three-month long 1936 North American heat wave wiped out crops and snuffed out lives during the Great Depression’s “Dust Bowl” days. The heat wave that began in June largely ended in September, leaving in its wake over 5,000 deaths, drought and widespread destruction. Even as hot as it has been, many of the record-high temperatures experienced then are unmatched today.

To make matters worse, the 1936 heat wave was preceded by one of the most severe cold waves of the 1930s. The 1936 North American cold wave included recorded wind chills of minus-100 degrees Fahrenheit in the Midwest, ending with March floods. People concentrated on how to put the next meal on the table rather than obsessing over things like air temperature fluctuations.

It’s good they didn’t obsess, because temperatures returned to normal that fall, just like the cold front making its way across the country is doing today as I write.

Every time I read a breathless article from an enviro-nut, or see a new dictate from the EPA, I am astonished anew at the hubris of these folks. We can’t prevent hurricanes or tornadoes, we can’t make it rain in a drought, or warm when it’s cold. Who are they kidding? And even when we DO screw up, nature always manages to deal with it:

It’s funny how nature has a way of rebounding all by itself. The BP Gulf Oil Spill illustrates this “God Factor” in contradiction to everything alarmists believe. A most informative Jan. 10, 2011 Time Magazine article, “After the Great Spill: How the Gulf Cleaned Itself” explains how it did just that when “microscopic bacteria” digested “much of the hydrocarbons while they were still deep under the surface.” Texas A&M University chemical oceanographer John Kessler said the spill helped us understand the capacity of a natural system to handle this kind of event by itself.” Wow.

Kessler’s study also found formally “significant amounts of methane” scientists thought might impact global warming and assumed “would be around for years” had “largely disappeared” when “methanotrophs (bacteria that feed off methane)” mopped up most of the mess.

Reasonable stewardship of the planet is a non-partisan no-brainer, but there is a line to be drawn at the point where choices inflict indelible injury on mankind — making man subservient to the very things created to serve him.

Wonderfully said.


No one is preaching that we waste energy or resources wantonly, or is suggesting we wreak havoc and destruction throughout the wilderness just for a lark. But we have the highest standard of living on the planet. The poor in other countries would beat you senseless to be “poor” here. Even during our recent economically-lackluster years, that continues to be true.

With this, as in so many other areas, we are simply looking for balance. And however you wish to define it, balance most definitely does not mean “making man subservient to the very things created to serve him“.

12 responses to “1936: The REAL year for ‘Climate Change’

  1. Balance is what we must have, they have been playing this card one way or the other trying to force people to change to their ways. The Earth is warming up just like it has many times in the past long before man arrived. To teach or believe that this is man’s fault is arrogant and foolish for the history of the earth tells us a different story.

    • livinrightinpgh

      Amen, B13, amen.

      It’s like they’ve never heard of “seasons” or “solar cycles”…….

    • Right on, Blaine.
      I find the most fault with two factions of the Enviro-nauts: the faction that repeatedly bleats, “The science is settled”, when science is NEVER settled, …and the ones that seek to outlaw the parts of our lives that don’t fit in with their enviro-orthodoxy.

      Is it warming? Is it cooling? Who knows? And what’s worse, the alleged solutions they propose wouldn’t make ANY discernible difference.

      ……And that’s the point.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Well…..let’s see….

    In the 70’s, the cause de celebre was “global cooling”. Remember? The earth would be encrusted in ice by 2010.

    Now, when we have a heat wave, it’s DEFINITELY “Global Warming”.

    When it’s colder than normal, we have “Global Climate Change”.

    Can’t we just call this “movement” what it really is?….the “Global War on Capitalism and Prosperity”. See, we don’t want want under-developed countries to grow and prosper…..we want to diminish those who have. Makes perfect sense.

    Kind of like the Boy President’s class warfare: don’t REALLY help people out of poverty. Give them just enough to survive and insure they vote for you, while you bring down everyone who has actually WORKED to make more for themselves and their families.

    I’m thoroughly convinced that the majority of the enviro-nudnicks actually believe all of this hullabaloo, and don’t realize that they are puppets for those with more sinister aspirations.

    • Too true, Pgh.

      Can’t expect people to voluntarily remain on the Leftist Plantation unless you make them too afraid to break their chains. Once again, it’s using Orwell’s 1984 as a blueprint, rather than as a warning.

      The Democrats are the unquestioned masters at that.

  3. So it was the cave men and their camp fires that stopped the last ice age?

    • Exactly, Hatfield.

      Of course, they also ushered in the next great plague of the Earth, with all of their new-fangled gizmos like “the wheel” and the “sharpened spear”, and we’ve been on the road to Hell ever since.

      Mother Gaia wept that day……

  4. And if the truth be told…average baseline earth temps have been cooling for the last 2,000 years.

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