Freedom FROM Religion

Over the years, it has become apparent (to me, at least ) that the mere existence of people practicing their religion really just ticks some Progressives off….

We first saw this reported over at That Mr. G Guy’s Blog, but there’s a write-up from the local news, too.

For more than a year, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia, Lancaster County has offered a Sunday special: Diners who bring in a current church bulletin receive 10 percent off the purchase of their dinners.

But, the promotion has rubbed some people the wrong way, including John Wolff of Manheim Twp., Lancaster County, an atheist and member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Wolff, who said he’s never been to Prudhomme’s, recently filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission claiming the 22-year-old restaurant should not give discounts based on religion. “I bear them no ill will but they shouldn’t be pushing religion,” Wolff, 80, said.

“Pushing religion”?

From any reasonable person’s viewpoint, this is ridiculous on its face. This small business is catering to a sector that frequents its establishment. It wants to attract customers, so it gives a percentage off its services to certain clientele to attract more business. How is this any different from the various vendors which give a discount to folks who have tickets to sports teams? We’ve all seen them: “Bring your game ticket in for a free cone/burger/tire rotation within 5 days after the game”. Or the business which gives a discount for members of a lodge, or a kid’s baseball league, etc.,.. . Aren’t these establishments “pushing” youth baseball, or lodge membership, or professional hockey? What if I don’t have a kid playing baseball, or even have a kid? Does that mean they are discriminating against me?

This lawsuit is both an attack on freedom itself, and just one more attempt by the oh-so-tolerant Left which wants to banish religion from the public square. In this case, it’s not even subtle: the group filing the lawsuit is called the Freedom From Religion Foundation, after all. Freedom FROM religion? I don’t particularly care for atheism: should I create a group called “Freedom FROM Atheists”? It would make just as much, or as little, sense.

As we have discussed numerous times, the free practice of religion is the bedrock for millions of American’s lives. God-fearing citizens are simply trying to go about their lives. Why is this so hard to understand? Is the guy with the “thank God I’m an atheist” t-shirt infringing on my rights as a believer?


Lunacy like this has to end, eventually. We have to get over ourselves, and stop resorting to lawsuits every time we feel slighted or see something with which we disagree. Isn’t that what freedom is about? You have an opinion, I have an opinion: may the best one win. Our country was formed on this idea: all of our founding documents held that we are an inherently free people, possessing unalienable rights, and this specifically included freedom OF religion. My right of free speech is not subservient to your right to not be offended by it.

My guess is this lawsuit won’t go anywhere, but its being filed at all is an indicator that our society is fighting a very real battle for our national soul. As much as the majority of “us religious-type” folks would prefer to simply be left alone, we each need to decide if this is where we say “no mas“. The fight is being brought to us; we need to respond in kind.

If we allow ourselves to continue to be bullied, pushed and prodded into a corner, eventually there will be no corner remaining into which we can be pushed.

15 responses to “Freedom FROM Religion

  1. Thanks for the link. This is one of those times where you wish a judge would just go off on idiots like this, but unfortunately, the judge is probably a liberal pantywaist and will let it go to trial.

    • You’re welcome, as always, Mr G! Thanks for posting it in the first place.

      There was very little press on this, and I would have missed it entirely save for you, and then I heard Mark Levin’s podcast from last week (I’m a bit behind in my podcasts right now), …and it finally sank in.

      This illustrates why I really wish we had some sort of “Loser pays” system to dissuade cases like this being filed.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    John Wolff should exercise his freedom of choice by NOT going to the restaurant if he’s so “offended”. This frivolous usage of the courts must come to an end.

    The Establishment Clause has been so mucked up by the Liberal courts that it’s now a complete 180 from what the Founders intended.

    • You mean that the founders DIDN’T want the courts to have every stupid case under the sun be filed, in order to tie our judicial system into knots?

      That’s not very “Progressive” of you….

  3. “Mondays, bring your Obama signs, bumper stickers, and other liberal liturature to the restaurant and receive 10% off your bill. Your receipt will allow you free admission to the restaurant bonfire and marshmallow roast held that evening!”

  4. Reblogged this on The Peanut Gallery and commented:
    Don’t say you weren’t warned –
    As much as the majority of “us religious-type” folks would prefer to simply be left alone, we each need to decide if this is where we say “no mas“. The fight is being brought to us; we need to respond in kind.

    • livinrightinpgh

      It makes you wonder if Mr. Wolff would have had the same reaction to the restaurant’s “Burka Bash Wednesday”…..

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