Sign Codes vs. Free Speech

This post is being lifted from “Let’s Get Political” blog, who also happens to be one of our oldest friends here at “Two Heads…“.  I urge you to check his site out: Rick’s writing is consistently good, regardless of subject matter.

The first part of his post (italics mine):

Across the country, government is dealing a one-two punch to property rights and free speech. Using sign codes, cities are demanding large signs protesting eminent domain abuse be taken down. Free speech rights are essential to protect our other rights, including our property rights. If victims of eminent domain abuse can’t speak out against it, who can? The Institute for Justice is working to defend individuals’ property rights and free speech rights when they come under attack.

Zoning bylaws, like any other bylaw or statutory law, can be used for immoral, unjust and subjective purposes just as easily as they can be used for good.  This is good reason to fight to limit them to only what is truly necessary to protect health, life and private property concerns while seeking to keep individual liberty, individual property rights and the right to pursue one’s desired use of property as one wishes so long as that use does not infringe upon the rights of any other.

You can read the remainder of his post HERE at this link, where you’ll also find a super-short video (3 minutes) from the Institute For Justice, which gives examples of eminent domain abuse and how the IJ is fighting them.

This topic is scary stuff, since it basically attempts to criminalize dissent. Most of us have witnessed eminent domain in our towns, and often what is proposed appears to be for ostensibly “good” reasons. However, to be skeptical is not the same as being cynical, and I’d suggest that we each be considerably more skeptical of such proposals going forward.

Thanks again to Rick and “Let’s Get Political” blog.

2 responses to “Sign Codes vs. Free Speech

  1. I appreciate you helping to alert others as to this abuse of power and injustice perpetrated upon private property owners. People need to stand up and demand that government stop infringing upon our unalieable rights and pay more attention to the Constitution. If they do not change their behavior, then we need to begin replacing the government one offical at a time.

  2. Here, here, Rick.

    I admit to having agreed with some eminent domain situations in the past, and I am rethinking those situations today. But I have seen plenty of others where it didn’t seem quite right, and now I’m sure it was really, REALLY wrong,

    It’s just another area where the suffocating boot of Government imposes its will over (and at the expense of) the people, …..which is the entire problem with government right now.

    Thanks again for the post, brother.

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