The word just came down from the Supreme Court regarding Obamacare: even though Obama himself insisted, repeatedly, that this was not a tax, it was ruled constitutional on the grounds that…it’s a tax.

One of the saddest days of our lifetimes.


This is a complete takeover of our lives. Everything, …everything….can be said to pertain to health. As I sit here, there is literally no aspect of daily life that I can’t imagine this impacting. If allowed to stand, this is a death knell to both our secular and religious freedom.

We really have only one choice now: ignore them.

Ignore the ruling; ignore the mandate; call/write/email your representatives, and tell them what you think of this. Tell them to tell Washington to take their Obamacare and its mandated “tax” and to place them both where sunlight won’t find ’em, IYKWIMAITYD.

You can sit on the sidelines, wringing your hands and cursing the sky, or you can act. Peacefully, of course, yet act.


An unjust law is not a law, and this is one of the most unjust laws of our country’s history.

28 responses to “No

  1. I am in shock!

    • I’m only in shock in that they rationalized it as a “tax”, rather than the Commerce Clause. The CC didn’t hold water, but by saying it’s a tax, we have now legally established that lying is 100% fine by elected officials, and to be encouraged.
      They didn’t change their minds: they said it was one thing, and when it looked bad for them, they simply said, “yeah, what we said for months about it not being a tax? Yeah, we lied about that.”

      I will not wait around and hope that my newly minted masters treat me in a benevolent manner. I answer to a higher power than that, and I don’t recall the Bible saying that I should all in my power to be a “good slave”.

      And slave is exactly what this law means: if the Federal Government can legally control “health”, they control everything we do and are.

      • Welcome to the land of the happy slaves!

        • Although I recognize that phrase of yours (and it always makes my smile), right now I am NOT happy, and most definitely NOT a slave.

          God didn’t put any of us on Earth to be a slave, and it’s not what our founders intended for us, either.
          This battle has just begun. If I was determined before, I am on FIRE right now.

          • There is nothing we can do and we won’t do anything, we’ll rely on our congresscritters to rectify it. We are naive enough to think that the same people who gave it to us will take it away.

            Until we, as a whole, decided that we’re not going to be a slave then we will continue to be, not enough of us are willing to stand up. In time we’ll accept this just like we accept everything else, in time we will once again be happy slaves. You’re a slave until you stop being one.

    • I cant vote fast enough!

      • I’m with ya’, Hatfield.
        But, we have to make sure we are bringing others with us when we do.

        It is clichéd and almost trite to say, but this time it’s actualy true:
        —There has never been an election this important—

  2. This wasn’t a constitutional ruling this was pure, straight politics at it’s finest. The only thing to do now is sit back and watch the repercussions. Hopefully this will put the final nail in the Obama coffin come November.

  3. Of course you have chains, we all do. Do you pay income tax? You have chains. Do you pay property tax? You have chains. Do you have a drivers license? You have chains. Those are just the simple chains, need more examples of how you are chained? Just by having a birth certificate you have chains. With tanks in the streets and drones in the air, you now not only have chains, you have fences. If you ever find the combination to the lock let me know.

    • I missed your comment from earlier, Phoebe’s.
      Sorry for not replying.

      And, while I agree with some of your examples above, I guess I’d have to say that most of those chains have been voluntary, or at least implicitly agreed to; a trade-off of sorts. With today’s ruling, and HOW it was reasoned, there is nothing implicit about it. This is a finger in the eye of the citizenry.

      I’ve stridently protested Obamacare (and the repeated lawlessness of this Administration) since its inception three years ago. But to say this is a tax is literally the worst of all worlds, since if that’s true, the legislative floodgates are open.

      I guess the bottom line for me is: they might as well lock me up now, since I won’t pay it.

  4. States rights are being trampled and oppressive taxation. Does this sound familiar? Anything happen as a result? Cant seem to remember…

    • Sounds familiar, Hatfield, but I’m a little short on the particulars, too.
      I seem to recall a King (like today) and something about TEA (also, like today).

      Have you tried Google?

    • Yes, something happened, about 600,000 people were killed in this country, the downfall of Federalism and the erosion state sovereignty.

  5. Today is the lightning bolt that has the potential to have a conservative WAVE in November. We should kiss John Roberts.

    • Pretty long shot gamble, don’t ya think?

    • I doubt if Roberts intentionally voted to give Romney an edge and like I said, if he did it was a long shot gamble. The unintended consequences are that he is now holding Romney’s feet to the fire, Romney now has to put up or shut up.

      • Agreed, Phoebe. Although I have to say I LOVE John’s optimism, and in a sense he’s right: it will certainly fire up the Romney backers, Tea Partiers, etc.,..

        I guess I am more pessimiistic. However, I will fight this with everything I have. I just pray I’m not fighting alone.

        • LivinRightinPGH

          I have a feeling that Conservatives felt much the same way after FDR’s New Deal, and LBJ’s Great Society, as they felt yesterday.

          Romney being elected is only a piece of the puzzle. We still need control of the House and the Senate, or belief that there are enough Dems who can not, in good faith, allow Zero-Care to stand.

    • Like I just told Phoebe: I LOVE your optimism, Big John.

      I pray you’re right.

      • No sweat, Man. Apparently everyone read my blog yesterday because everything I said is coming true. Romeny gets $4 million in one day, all the conservatives are hot, Independents hate ObamaCare, too and everyone KNOWS that the ballot box is the ONLY remedy.

        Let’s just hope the Republicans in the House don’t appear overly partisan in their pursuit of Holder. Jason Chaffetz was just saying that having the House Sgt @ Arms arrest Holder. If they do that, they better make SURE they know something. Even if they do, Obama would just Pardon Holder.

        Anyway, that would add fuel to the “witch hunt” defense and turn off Independents.

  6. LivinRightinPGH

    Being the avid traveler that I am, I listened to 7 hours of this on the way home from Atlantic City yesterday. Needless to say, the comments were many and varied.

    One of the interesting things was the “rumor” that Chief Justice Roberts had his opinion, shall we say…..”swayed” or more aptly, unduly influenced. I have no clue, but it DOES make for some interesting fodder.

    Let’s not forget that the court also held, in a 7 to 2 vote, that the Gubmint could NOT extort the States into taking the Medicaid revision by taking away their existing money. I believe even GINSBURG concurred. So, there was some measure of sanity.

    I listened attentively to excerpts from Justice Scalia’s dissent, and also, the dissent of Justice Kennedy, who would NEVER be confused with Conservatism. Scalia’s dissent was scathing, and a true lesson on the Constitution.

    Still, Phoebe53, I have to say that I lean more toward Mr. Woodard’s take on this. It was, after all, the passage of ObamaCare, in all of it’s slimy methods, that gave birth to the Tea Party movement. The Conservative and Independent worlds HAD to be rocked by the decision. Now:

    1. Romney has a HUGE issue to campaign with.
    2. The Conservative base (Tea Party) are going to be even more relevant in this election, as they were in 2010.
    3. The truth about O-care all along being a tax is now out in the open.
    4. We need to communicate effectively to ALL younger voters the impact of this “tax” on them.
    5. Obama has just lost his base-inspiring platform of running against the “4 white guys and the ‘Uncle Tom'” on the Supreme Court.

    So, I will leave you today with what I’ve told all of the folks I know who voted for this Boy President out of a sense of history, and are now SHOCKED at what he’s done in office: ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

    Never to be more true than in November of 2012.

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  8. I’m still in shock. Not sitting on my hands though. Like you I have stayed proactive with phone calls and emails . Thank God for folks like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz for taking up the mantle of freedom .

    • Cruz and Lee did themselves proud. I know that it’s an uphill battle, but to simply cede the ground to the Left is something I just can’t understand.

      Playing for 2014, which is supposedly the “smart” tactic, simply punts on this issue. Again.
      I don’t want my representative to just keep playing for “Next season”: I want them to try to win, now.
      Once this gets fully in place, there might not BE a “Next season”…

      • Brother I couldn’t agree more. And these bimbos vying for cloture are either blind stupid or a combination of both. It must stay defunded until we get a president in office who will destroy it. As you said, simply punting the ball is reckless and asinine. OBAMA/PELOSICARE MUST BE STOPPED NOW.

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