PIXAR’s “Luxo, Jr”: The behind-the-scenes version….

I only vaguely recalled ever seeing this originally, so I did some time-consuming and extensive research (…OK, I Googled it…) and found the following:

Luxo Jr. is the first film produced in 1986 by Pixar Animation Studios, following its establishment as an independent film studio. It is a computer-animated short film (two and a half minutes, including credits), demonstrating the kind of things the newly-established company was capable of producing. It was the second Pixar short to release with a Pixar film (Toy Story 2, in 1999) after Geri’s Game was released with A Bug’s Life in 1998.

It is the source of the small hopping desk lamp included in Pixar’s corporate logo. In a subsequent re-release after Pixar became popular, a pretext was added to the film reading, “In 1986 Pixar produced its first film. This is why we have a hopping lamp in our logo.”

In 1986, Luxo Jr. received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short Film. It was the first CGI film nominated for an Academy Award.


This certainly does capture the magic of the Pixar studio, even back then. If you can give life, emotion and personality to a pair of desk lamps, ….well, you’re pretty darn special.

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