What is truly ‘Offensive’…

So little time, and so many examples…

Yesterday we looked at “Sneaker-Gate”, where two different gym shoe companies knuckled under to cries of ‘That’s Offensive!’ and scuttled the production of the proposed shoes. After I wrote it and had some time to think further, I was reminded of a cartoon that I saw many years ago, which summarized almost perfectly this entire problem:

This is so accurate. Not that long ago, there was a general agreement on what was considered offensive, and there was an implied threshold for what would qualify. It has now become trivialized, diluted of its original definition and come to mean merely “stuff or people I don’t like“.

To paraphrase one of the memorable lines from The Incredibles: “When everything is offensive, NOTHING is”.

Meaning, there are still plenty of occurrences in the world that can and should be termed “offensive”. For instance, no right thinking person would hesitate to describe the Holocaust as offensive, and rightly so. But when we assign the visage of Hitler to every politician with whom we disagree, it cheapens the horrors of the Holocaust.

It’s no wonder that so many of the youth today don’t even know who Hitler was or the genocide he orchestrated.

And genocide is the ultimate offense. Whether it is genocide in Rwanda, Turkey, the Ukraine, Bosnia, or Cambodia, it all amounts to the same thing: the slaughter of the innocent.

We are experiencing another genocide, this one on our own shores. It is happening in plain sight, with its opponents labeled extremists or fascists, which is rather ironic when you think about it. And so I will take this opportunity to, again, ask you to view the following movie which logs in at just over 30 minutes.

Because if this doesn’t qualify as offensive, then the term truly has no meaning.

(**Click on the image below**)

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