Former First Lady Laura Bush wins award, despite protest

From the Huffington Post, of all places:

22 women have written a letter to a museum protesting an award to Former First Lady Bush. The award, the Alice Award, is to honor a woman for advancing women. This year’s recipient is the Former First Lady.

I can’t decide if the 22 protesting women are ignorant or mean spirited — or worse, both. (I would love to know what each of the 22 has done for women!)

Author Greta van Susteren then goes on to detail a number of ways Laura Bush has helped women’s causes, among them:

  • Many trips to the Middle East to promote breast cancer awareness (beginning long before she was the first lady;
  • Hosting literacy events;
  • Public and private work connecting struggling Afghan women with successful American businesswomen to mentor them in starting their own businesses;
  • Speaking at the UN about the plight of Burmese patriot Aung San Suu Kyi, who was still under house arrest at the time.

Van Susteren makes it a point to stress that this is NOT, nor should it be, a partisan award.

This blog posting is not a Republican/Democratic issue. Breast cancer hits women of both parties. I know Democratic women with it and Republican women. Likewise… literacy is not a partisan issue. It is a human rights issue — you can’t get along in life if you can’t even sign your name.

These are projects Mrs. Bush has been pushing for years….
Frankly, she is not like the 22 women who took a pot shot at her. She likes to help. She is decent in that way. She was using her platform (and continues to do so) to help women who desperately need and needed help. She did it because she gives a damn…

The only partisan aspect… (is) the 22 women who signed the letter and lack the decency to step back from their mean spirited partisanship and just look at the FACTS. Facts matter.

Wow.  This is wisdom.  Frankly, I can’t really imagine a group of women of any stripe filing a complaint because a liberal-leaning woman won such an award.   To my mind, if the Sewall-Belmont House Museum wanted to give the award to Dora the Explorer, I’d say they’re within their rights…it’s their award to give.   This is a very encouraging commonsense point of view.  I hope the 22 (who include Sonia Pressman Fuentes, co-founder of the National Organization for Women) take it to heart.

15 responses to “Former First Lady Laura Bush wins award, despite protest

  1. Are we still surprised that liberal women have no logical or open-minded views? May God open their eyes and hearts to the truth–period. Kudos to Laura Bush and the museum for caring for so many others.

  2. Pressman-Fuentes IS 84 years old. Maybe she DID have “a sudden onset of Alzheimer’s.”

    Seriously, NOW is just another example of an organization that has outlived its usefulness. It has long since ceased advocating on behalf of all women and become just another mouthpiece for every left-wing politician/cause out there.

    Laura Bush has two things that the leaders of NOW, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi and most other left-wing women will never have and cannot understand: class and dignity.

    • Ironically, as was pointed out to me this morning, Mrs. Bush is actually to the left of her husband on a couple of social issues which are very dear to women, gay marriage and abortion. While she didn’t wholeheartedly endorse either one, she was quite open to both being legalized…which makes it even more bizarre that NOW dismisses her out of hand. As you say, they are totally out of touch. “Knee jerk” politics is so distasteful, and generally in poor taste, too.

  3. Not as if one is needed, but here’s another example of a classless, clueless left-wing woman. And this one is actually a state representative here in Michigan:

    Two comments: 1) If I lived in her district (I do not; my state rep is actually a GOPer) I would launch recall petitions just for her sheer crassness and stupidity. 2) I think the “anatomically correct term” for the body part of interest in the current situation is uterus, not vagina. Just sayin’.

  4. When was the last time NOW came out in defense of a center-right leaning woman; let alone one on the far right? When was the last time NOW sided with a woman who was being abused a Democrat? Ted Kennedy killed a woman and he was the darling of NOW – could do no wrong even when he refused to acknowledge his role in the death of a young woman and his cowardice in leaving her to drown while saving his own drunken carcass.

    NOW hasn’t been in the present since we moved out of caves.

    • See my comment in response to Buckeye, above. I have to assume that NOW looks at people and sees nothing but a huge label: elephant? donkey? Interesting that the only things they respond to positively are…umm…asses.

      • I suppose it depends on what type of ass as the derisive term for humans can certainly be found on both sides of the aisle; especially at the extremes.

        • Have to agree with both sides of that one, Rick.
          Although GBL certainly was referring to the Donkey Party, there are indeed asses in every group of humans in the world.

          But what qualifies as extreme on one side of the aisle is relatively mainstream on the other, as Madam Pelosi illustrated all too well during her reign, and our current prez is continuing to do.

  5. LivinRightinPGH

    NOW is such a joke that it’s hard to give anyone who subscribes to their whining an ounce of credibility. The should be renamed the “National Organization of Leftist Women”….

  6. The Bushes are in Africa, again… to promote health care for women. I wish NOW would open their eyes instead of their mouths.

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