Carol Burnett Show

Mr. G is right: these ARE excellent…and I’m old enough to remember seeing them the first time around.

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After reading JTR’s post on Louie Anderson, I commented on how some of the funniest comedy I’d ever seen was on the Carol Burnette Show. Here’s one of the all time great skits;

Or this classic;

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  1. The Carol Burnett Show was always one of my favorites and Tim Conway is one of the funniest men around. I wish we could buy this complete series but alas, we can’t.

  2. Thanks for the link. We already have several complete series on DVD, but getting the Carol Burnette show would be really great.

  3. I have mozilla firefox with flashgot addon for downloads.

  4. I’ve mentioned The Hunger Games in a couple of posts in the past two days in relationship to the new classics in schools but I got to watch it last night and it’s pretty good. There I go, can’t read the books because I’m a visual person.:D

    I was just having a conversation, texting is considered conversation, right, with my tattoo artist wannabe granddaughter about the books and the movie, she read all the books and then saw the movie and laughed at me when I said the sequel would probably be in theaters before I ever got around to reading the books.

  5. godsbooklover

    For an interesting Christian perspective on “The Hunger Games”, check out:

    • There is a Christian perspective to everything but sometimes there are other messages in entertainment and in the case of The Hunger Games there were other messages.

      Yes, it could be considered disturbing to watch children killing children but the other messages to this movie were govt tyranny, brainwashing the masses to accept it and rejoice in it (welcome to the land of the happy slaves), the will of the children to defy it and the act of survival, all valuable lessons in today’s society.

      It was fantasy and I doubt that it will entice children to participate in this kind of fantasy. There is more disturbing violence in children’s stories than was in this movie.

      I’m very much a survivalist so that’s the part I took from it and if it will get thru to my grandchildren the need of survival and techniques by which to survive, unlike when I try to tell them it goes in one ear and out the other, then I’m happy with that.

      • Hey, Phoebe: question for ya.

        How are the books for a 13 yr old? My sons are voracious readers (surprise, surprise), and my oldest had expressed an interest in ’em.

        I’ve read some reviews that were pretty troubling, so I have some rather obvious concerns. From what you’ve already alluded to here, it sounds like there may be more to them than I knew.

        I’m curious as to your opinion, overall….

        • I haven’t read the books, my granddaughter did when she was about 13 or 14. I asked her about a year ago if she had read them and she said “yes, you bought them for me”. lol, first the body then the mind. It didn’t seem to bother her but I’ve always talked to her about survival and govt stuff to the extreme so the books probably didn’t phase her any.

          Like any other book that’s made into a movie, the book is much more involved. I didn’t think to ask her how true to the book it was but I will and get back to you.

          I think it’s the mindset of kids and up to the parents to decide how much their child can handle. There’s been very little that I’ve censored to her, she has always had common sense until the last year, reference the tattoo artist career. lol

          Granddaughter just told me the movie was very true to the book and that the books weren’t very graphic. There’s also a love story aspect to it to, not an adult graphic one but a sweet, unexpected love between two of the participants that started out as a survival ploy and, according to granddaughter with a spoiler, they ended up getting married in one of the later volumes.

          • I think the biggest problem parents and critics have with it is the kids killing kids aspect but it’s not in great detail, at least in the movie, it’s done and they move on quickly. Your mind really doesn’t have much time to process that it’s kids killing kids, it’s more on what would I do to survive, at least for me the adult.

            • granddaughter said there might be a few cuss words but no sexual situations. You could watch the movie yourself and decide if you want him to read the books, no cuss words in the movie from what I recall. It really isn’t a bad movie, I enjoyed it.

  6. Watch The Hunger Games free, no signing up, scroll part way down and watch from user “sockshare”, it has foreign subtitles but the movie is in English.

    • Thanks much, Phoebes! Worth looking at, then.

      I’ll give the movie a watch (with Mrs. Rightturn) and I’ll grab the book from the library so I can check it out first.
      They sound interesting, at least, and I appreciate the feedback tremendously.

  7. Sounds like a plan and you’re welcome.

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