Comedy CLASSIC – Louie Anderson on the Tonight Show

Louie Anderson just makes me laugh.

His routines were (usually) totally clean, and his kid’s show “Life With Louie” was great. Still can’t understand why they don’t they release it on DVD. It won two Emmy’s, for Pete’s sake!

Anyway, this stand-up routine is from the Carson show around Thanksgiving 1987….and it’s just as funny now as it was then. Since it is Anderson, you might guess that you’ll hear about his family, his parents, and food.

And you’d be right.




7 responses to “Comedy CLASSIC – Louie Anderson on the Tonight Show

  1. That was funny, thanks for posting. I love comedians that do routines that you can relate to and everyone can relate to family. Boy, the comedy I could do on my family!

    • Everyone has it for a source, I’m convinced Phoebe. It’s the extremely rare talent that can genuinely make it funny. My family was boring, and I’ll bet Louie could even make THAM funny.

      Anderson was one of a handful in the last 30+ years who could make you laugh AND have a clean act.
      Not many of those in existence today, which is why I keep going back and finding stuff like this……

      • The real funny comedy was the Carol Burnette show, but I don’t know if you can get them on you tube or not.

        • Saturday nights: Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore, and Carol Burnette.
          Agreed, Mr. G: they were my family’s night to watch TV together.

          A lot of popcorn was consumed on those nights, as I recall….

          • godsbooklover

            Yes, indeed. Those were terrific family nights! Popcorn, a great treat, AND soft drink (which we were rarely ever allowed otherwise). I’ve heard that the crime rate in major cities actually dropped on Saturday nights in those days…even the crooks were watching TV!

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