Marco Rubio: “Government is NOT not the most important institution in society”

Normally on a Saturday morning we start with something more lighthearted. However, we had one or two such posts yesterday, and this is more important.

On Thursday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke to about 250 conservatives in downtown Washington. The conference is organized by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a Christian conservative nonprofit organization. According to Annika McGinnis from McClatchy Newspapers, Rubio’s speech centered on American exceptionalism within a context of faith and family values:

“Nations and people all over the planet look to us and find inspiration and find the reality that if it’s possible here, it’s possible there,” Rubio said. “And that is where the American light and the American example can make the biggest difference in the world.”

Rubio took stabs at Democrats and the Obama administration, saying their view of how to achieve success is to “pull other people down.”

“They tell our fellow Americans that the reasons why they’re worse off is because other people are doing too well,” he said.

He said the Republican Party wasn’t anti-government.

“We believe government is an important institution in society,” he said. “It’s just not the most important institution in society.”

We don’t hear nearly enough of such talk. Quite the contrary: we have been told for years now that government needs to keep getting bigger, better and bolder. Rubio eloquently points out how wrongheaded such thinking is, and why.

His speech runs about 20 minutes, but I urge you to watch it all. You won’t regret the time, I promise.

(**Courtesy of Unedited Politics blog)

2 responses to “Marco Rubio: “Government is NOT not the most important institution in society”

  1. I saw this video earlier today, and I was impressed. I strongly agree with Rubio. We need more “go-getters,” i.e., those who will get up and make it happen for themselves. Not a government that is trying to solve our problems for us. Govt solving our problems is analogous to that parent that does the homework for the kid…at the end of the day, the parent learned and grew but the kid learned nothing, grew nothing and if anything became more dependant on the parent.

    • Agreed, Ray, and welcome. Always great to see new folks….

      I have only one small caveat I’d add to your point, though:

      In the case of your analogy, it is the parent’s job to teach the child, and impart the lesson of sacrifice and learning. In our case w/ Gov’t, the roles are reversed. WE will be doing the teaching and it is our job to do so, even though Gov’t tends towards patriarchy.

      Other than that, I agree.

      Stop by and comment ANY time, Ray! Hope to see you again…..

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