Eric H. Holder, will you Please Go Now!

With apologies to Dr. Seuss…..

Holder has debased the office of Attorney General.

Remember, Holder was the one responsible for the Marc Rich pardons, and it was his Justice Department that dropped the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party back in 2009. Holder also had the bright idea of trying terrorists in criminal court, an idea which thankfully was blown up by Lindsey Graham, of all people. But that isn’t why he needs to go (at least, that’s not all of it). No, his refusal to adequately explain his knowledge and involvement in Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ is why Holder is guilty of at LEAST contempt, and why it’s long past time for him to leave.

First, some background: this post from us yesterday, and this updated post from

And this brief synopsis from an Ed Morrissey column back in early December, 2011:

“The ATF sent hundreds, if not thousands, of weapons across the U.S.-Mexico border in 2009 and 2010, ostensibly to track them as they passed from straw buyers in the U.S. to drug cartels in Mexico. However, the ATF didn’t actually track the weapons, which have now begun appearing in crime scenes north of the border. The weapons have been used in hundreds of murders in Mexico and at least one in the U.S., in which Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed just over a year ago.

Of course, that wasn’t the reason people were upset, according to Holder. C’mon, you can guess the reason….

Holder told The New York Times Charlie Savage that the intense scrutiny of himself and Barack Obama relating to Fast and Furious came from a few “extreme” bloggers and conservative media figures whose criticisms were “both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

Of course!! It’s so obvious! I know that I always agree completely with all Caucasian Democrats and Liberals, and only have a problem with the ones that are more ….darkly hued.

Mr. Holder, you’d be an equal disgrace if you were white, pink, or plaid. Feel better?

Pabulum like this aside, Texas Senator John Cornyn summed up, in 4 short minutes, the litany of offenses of which Holder is guilty. You probably have seen little of it, if any, so be sure to watch it all.



11 responses to “Eric H. Holder, will you Please Go Now!

  1. No doubt Holder’s a disgrace if not an out-and-out traitor, JTR. But I still say, let him twist in the wind another month or two. Then, when people are beginning to pay more attention (and since the lamestream media won’t report this stuff), start a media blitz of commercials featuring the litany of this joker’s trangressions, from Black Panthers and NYC terrorist trials to F & F. The guy’s blatant racism and disdain for the law he’s sworn to uphold are breathtaking.

    • But the longer we wait for such a blitz simply wilts people’s resolve. Remember Clinton back in the 90’s? After a while, folks were just tired of it. I was living down south back then, and I heard “but what does that have to do with ‘x’, which is what is important now” about a thousand times…

      We’ve waited long enough, and he should go. Holder has already said he won’t step down, which means that if we don’t push for a contempt charge NOW, it won’t happen. Then, the Dems will say something along the lines of, “well, if he was so bad, why didn’t you cite him for contempt back then, when you had the chance?”

      There’s nothing to be gained by not pushing for a resolution on this now, save to allow him to skate on this completely.

      Just my opinion, brother, but I don’t see the upside of waiting.

      • Definitely not arguing against contempt of Congress charges. Just dra-a-a-a-ag the process out a bit. Drip, drip, drip…

        • Good enough, Buckeye.

          Ultimately, Holder being forced to resign has to be the goal, rather than just the political points. The points will be there, but he can’t be alllowed to walk on this, or think what that means for the NEXT guy?
          The AG should (I know, I know) be non-partisan. Now, it seems, that everything is partisan. And this AG is worse than anyone…and we knew he would be going in (see: Rich, Marc).

          But, if anyone is going to be out of the political sphere, it should be the AG.

          Maybe that’s just too much to ask nowadays….?

          • I am assuming there’s no chance he walks/skates. I hope that is a valid assumption…if not, you’re right, it’s a terrible precedent. And correct on your other points as well.

  2. godsbooklover

    I felt like standing up and cheering for Senator Cornyn…kinda surprised nobody did. In the face of that litany, can anyone really say, “Ah they’re just picking on him because he’s BLACK”???

    • I literally did clap for him, GBL ( wife looked at me funny, but that’s nothing new).

      That’s why Holder’s interjection of race in this discussion is so offensive: he’s using at as an all-purpose, get-out-of-jail card to deflect from his abject failures as AG.

      The cold, hard facts of this case have to be continually brought to light and Cornyn’s reiterating them is so important. Now someone else needs to step forward and do the same.
      The press will try to bury it, and we simply can’t let them.

  3. Holder just gives me and many others another reason not to vote for Obama, in Holder’s eyes he has done nothing wrong.

    • Hey, Blaine!
      I’m don’t know about him thinking he did nothing wrong. I rather believe that he is just a cold, calculating liar.
      Don’t think he can be so clueless as to believe otherwise.

      However, choosing between (A) totally clueless on what he has done or failed to do, or (B) if he was totally aware and did it anyway …..two sides of the same coin.
      He’s unfit to hold the office, either way.

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