Obamacare: the Video!

Leave it to the bright boys over at Alliance Defense Fund: they pack a bunch of info into two short minutes.

Watch the video; know the facts; speak up against this tax on our conscience.

7 responses to “Obamacare: the Video!

  1. I hope the supreme court does the right thing and throws the whole bill out. In the end this does nothing for cost, adds more beaucracy and forces states to add more people to medicaid. We need some changes to health care and health insurance but this bill goes to far to government more control over our daily lives.

    • Hey, Blaine!
      I’m with ya, bud. Adding more bureaucracy is what politicians do. As the saying goes: “that’s a feature, not a bug”.

      And, yes, I pray that the SC shoots it down, too. But we have to be prepared for something less than that, and anything less than total repudiation cannot stand.

  2. godsbooklover

    This is one area where my husband and I already know we will be practicing civil disobedience, if needed.

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