Important Results from another Research Study

Courtesy of the diligent researchers over at

7 responses to “Important Results from another Research Study

  1. Seems about right. I haven’t stockpiled nearly enough ammo, and practically no emergency supplies.

  2. Why not just become a zombie? Not saying it would be my personal preference but I’m shocked that it does not appear on the graph… Polling obviously did not take Vermont into consideration.

    • Excellent point, James. Although I think that may fall under the category of “delicious”.
      Don’t the zombies just sort of gnaw on you, and then you become one, too? I’ve always been a bit fuzzy on that whole thing.

      Darn it, I’m gonna have to rent Day of the Zombie again…

  3. I am not worried about a zombie attack. I don’t need to outrun the zombies. I just need to outrun you. LOL

    • Don’t look now, John, ..but I just tied your shoelaces together….

      • HA! We Native-America-Irish-Italian-American-Americans can’t be fooled like that. We are either barefoot, weeaing sheep intestines up to our knees or ski boots (my Italian brothers live in the Alps). IRRegardless…no laces…but would you hold my golf bag? I need a lime.

        wait…..Irish….Italian….American Indian….We need a fourth!

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