Do YOU know all the U.S. Capitals?

Did you ever just want to have that “sense of accomplishment”?

angry-nun-with-ruler 1Well, it’s been a pretty tiring month, and since I still have about 12 different “Top Priorities” in my juggle right now, I really wanted that “accomplished” feeling.

So I figured, “Hey, a nice, easy test will satisfy my “superego“. Which it would have, …..except for the fact that I got a couple wrong.

***My 6th grade teachers, Sister Ruth and Sister Dominic, would NOT be happy with me right now.


So, do YOU know all the State Capitals?

Good luck.

**Click HERE to play**

24 responses to “Do YOU know all the U.S. Capitals?

  1. Crap! 87% correct first time in 2:49. Not bad, I guess.

    Things get a litle hairy in the New England and Delmarva peninsula areas–small states, big dots close together. Fun, though!

  2. I would have aced it, if it hadn’t been for those darn New England dots…

  3. New England dots were easy for me since I’m from New England, it’s the mid west states that messed me up a couple of times. So this is not about knowing the capitals but knowing where the states are, I know my capitals. 96% for me.

  4. Back when I was a youngun I lived in a very small town, went to a very small school, think Little House On The Prairie, the 7th and 8th grade classes only had 13 kids respectively so they combined the class. We had a capitals test and only two kids got 100, me and my brainiac cousin who was in the 7th grade, I was 8th. She went on to graduate from Syracuse University and I went on to move to the worst educational system in the country, South Carolina. I guess my point has ended up being, I knew there was one somewhere, knowing your state capitals don’t mean squat.

  5. I should do it over…took me a minute to figure out how it worked. By that time, I had missed three. So I only scored 81%. If I did take it over, I’d score 100. 😉

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