Hitler and the Wisconsin Recall

‘Cause you knew this would be coming….


10 responses to “Hitler and the Wisconsin Recall

  1. Harsh… very harsh. Too harsh for me to share, because some well intentioned democrat-minded voters I know would be incredibly insulted by this, and rightly so. But you’re right, should have known this would be coming.

    • Hey, Biltrix,
      Too harsh? I dunno….

      To me it seems far more an indictment of the Democrat “Apparatchiks” than the humble Democrat voter. Wisconsin was sliding off the cliff before Walker got there: voting against him last night would have been lunacy. That may have been why he picked up over 35% of the UNION member vote…

      But I do understand: I was raised in New England, where merely being moderate would have made you, by comparison, a rabid right-winger. Thus I have years of experience being around folks that would be cheesed-off by far less than this.

      I’ll still still try to reason with them, but after all the votriol of this whole fiasco, I felt compelled to laugh…….just a little.

      • Truly laughable, and I’m not saying that it is not in many ways on the mark.

        I lived in Plymouth, MA, for 5 years and Cheshire, CT, for 8 years, so I know what you mean. I just think of many good people, who I do care for, that don’t see eye to eye with me in some respects, political and moral; they would just see the comparison with Hitler and take it as a gratuitous insult. And it would be wrong to compare them with Hitler.

        I’m not referring the many radical liberals who are blind to their own arrogance — sour losers who take the results of this recall election as a personal loss for themselves and their bankrupt system of values, which goes far beyond the actual issue that provoked the recall in the first place. Hence, for them the outcome is a slap in the face (literally); they asked for it; they deserve it. They simply would not get this video, but then again… that’s the point. They are too arrogant and that’s why the shoe fits.

        I’m glad for the following reason. It’s not because some people could use a healthy slice of humble pie, for they will always refuse to eat it; it’s because if this can happen in Wisconsin, it can happen anywhere.

  2. Loved this! Thanks for sharing, I LOL’d a lot!

  3. HAHA! “I would have personally asked Paul Krugman to hold them up as Neo Nazis again.” Excellent.

  4. “The bosses at the teacher’s unions know the White House better than the tour guides.” Excellent!

  5. Absolutely Hilarious! !

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