***On this day and every day, our sincerest thanks to those whom have risked EVERYTHING in order for us to be free.

A Time For Choosing

These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc. These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. And these are the heroes who helped end a war. Gentlemen, I look at you and I think of the words of Stephen Spender’s poem. You are men who in your “lives fought for life and left the vivid air signed with your honor.” ~President Reagan on June 6, 1984, at the Ceremony Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of D-Day

By Gary P Jackson

June 6, 1944, the allied armies launched the greatest amphibious assault in the history of mankind. This was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

The bravery of the men who stormed those beeches and climbed those cliffs can never be overstated. Those men were all heroes.

For more images of Pointe du Hoc as well as video, click…

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2 responses to “RONALD REAGAN – “D-Day”

  1. Great speech by a great president. This year was not a big (every 5 or 10 years) anniversary of the D-Day landings, but the current occupant of the WH couldn’t be bothered to commemorate or even mention the event, He was too busy begging for money from his rich buddies in the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

    • Reagan didn’t view these speeches as photo-ops, although he was more aware than most of their visual importance. He viewed them as responsibilities, as essential to the country as insulating your home is to you.

      Pride in your country and in the folks that made it great was expected, but he knew it also took work, and diligence.

      THAT’S why we miss him. He could express the pride and gratitude millions of us felt, yet didn’t know how to properly express.
      And you knew, …you knew….that he truly felt that way, too.

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