Wisconsin Facts

***Continuing our coverage of the Wisconsin Recall Election today, this post breaks down some numbers for y’all.


Interesting facts from the Independent Women’s Voice website:

This is what Scott Walker is fighting to change:

WI govt. employees make an average of $50,774 in wages and benefits. Private sector workers makes about $1800 less. Nationwide, govt. employees earn 10-21% more than their private sector counterparts. This doesn’t include retirement health and pension benefits.

Private sector employers paid 5.3% of payroll toward employee retirement plans. Before Gov. Walker, taxpayer money paid between 10.55% and 13.3% into the Wisconsin Retirement System for government employees.

Before Gov. Walker, govt. employees paid less than 1% to fund their pensions. Taxpayers paid the rest ($1.4 Billion in 2010).

Nationwide, the average worker pays 30% of the costs of their health insurance. Before Gov. Walker, WI state employees paid an average of 6% of their health insurance costs. Gov. Walker’s reforms now require state and local govt. employees to pay 12.4% of health…

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9 responses to “Wisconsin Facts

  1. LivinRightinPGH

    Hey! EVERYONE is supposed to pay their “fair share”, right? Or does that only apply to the middle class, non-public sector union, worker?

    It’s time for the 49% to start paying THEIR fair share of the Federal Tax burden to which they currently contribute ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA….I am confounded when someone who pays NO Federal income tax asks the rest of us (who do pay) to pay our “fair share”.

    Then, it’s time for the public sector union employees who suckle off of the tax teat, to pay their “fair share” toward retirement and benefits. And while we’re at it……..yeah, I could go on, but……

  2. “This just in, DOJ investigating possible voting disenfranchisement of the dead in Wisonsin recall election, Dead voters on the rolls but buried out of state may be removed but the dead buried in the state may still be considered residents. More at 11:00….”

    • Damn! Those news updates are getting quicker and quicker…..

    • LivinRightinPGH

      HM, you say this in jest, however:

      The life insurance and annuity industry is being MANDATED by several states (soon to be all, I’m sure) to run their entire client lists against the Social Security Administration’s “death list” EVERY quarter. Why, you might ask?

      Simple: they want any unclaimed proceeds to be sent to them and (here’s the funny part) THEY will look for the families to be sure that the appropriate beneficiaries receive their proceeds. Ironically, they have no set method for doing that, but, just so you’re comfortable with this, THEY will “hold on” to the funds. Like you, I am SURE they won’t just happen to “co-mingle” these funds with their general fund, and (gasp!) spend those proceeds.

      I wonder if these states (specifically NY) would be as aggressive in running their VOTER REGISTRATION lists against the death rolls and eliminating the deceased from their ability to vote?

      Let’s be honest, here, and ask ONE simple question:

      If the dead can’t vote or have their vote counted, COULD a democrat EVER win again?

      Just sayin’…….

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