A More Perfect Union

Consider this a continuation of our previous discussion about Unions from the other day. Looks like the unions are taking it on the chin.

Get out the tissues:

Regardless of whether Governor Scott Walker survives Tuesday’s recall election, Wisconsin’s public-employee unions are likely to see their power continue to decline.

According to the Wall Street Journal, government unions in the Badger State have “experienced a dramatic drop in membership” since Walker and GOP lawmakers passed a package of reforms last year, including ones curbing collective-bargaining rights and ending mandatory union membership.

Labor unions are being crippled by the elimination of automatic dues withholding, a practice that had enriched the unions’ coffers. Thousands of state workers are simply refusing to contribute; others are leaving public-sector jobs.


But the biggest drop has been in the Wisconsin chapter of AFSCME, the powerful union that represents state, county, and municipal workers. In the past year, more than 30,000 members have deserted the collective.

How curious: when no longer mandated by law to “contribute” to a group which is not widely perceived as having the worker’s best interests at heart, the workers decide to no longer “contribute” to the group. Yeah, no one saw THAT coming.

Absent those monies, I guess now unions (in Wisconsin, at leastmay have to actually …work on behalf of the union members, in order to survive.

Welcome to the real world, fellas.

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